Monday, September 28, 2009

oh, you card, you!

oh, you just crack me up you're such a card!
and though i love to take photos
my cards seem anything but photogenic

so me and me cards are having a great big hi-haw giggle

i can't be carded anymore, oh no
age has slipped in and dawned upon me

and whatever maybe written in my cards seems a vast mystery to me

through it all, i remain a steadfast, card carrying member of the art routine
i will futz and fiddle with my play stuffs and materials
till they draw my last card and sign me up for the next tour of duty in the great blue beyond

card stock, card board, calling cards, card sharks

my next house full of cards

are you a card who wants a card?
click on my etsy store on the right and go go go

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Friday, September 25, 2009

i got flowers

i got flowers
my girlfriend's mom sent them my way
straight from her garden and heart
to my welcoming eyes and window ledge
males don't always fathom color in a vase
the need to gaze at petals and leaves
but your mates in gender
have your back

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

a world of plums

plum delicious
that's plumtastic

it's a plum job, and i don't mind saying so

plum, and ripe for the picking

my goodness, but don't you look plum rich
done with great aplum
plums and berries, nature's treasures

pounds and pounds of plumbs
i am slow roasting them in a 200 degree oven, cut in half, a quick breeze of butter on their backs for 4 hours in the oven
i am making orangette's plum crumble with hints of ginger (photo above - and serving it to me friends)
i am freezing them for days when i am plumless and pitiful
i am hoarding recipes, like this one at a new blog find, imby & itchy
still harvesting my lovely, free fruits and vegetable finds
for days when the sky is a little bleak
the harvest all gone
and i want a ray of summer fruit shine to light the day
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

do you every really know?

do you ever really know?
messages sent mysteriously
winds shift and alter paths
sudden storm wrestles old patterns to the ground
light burns where once shadows swam

cock your head slightly askew
view the moment upside down
perceptions need breaking
release your prior rules on permanent parole
smile winningly and sigh deeply

i can see art in every corridor
marvel at the abundance
in life

don't hold too tight this week
what you seek
and what you need
come sometimes
in separate wrapping

PS have i told you this week how cool you all are?
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Monday, September 21, 2009

touch the sky, jimi

i live near jimi
and today i went to say hey
view the mountain that crests the back lot
encounter the remains of someone's late night haunts
at the spot rockers come to play
and show some respect

the message here, my beauties is clear
where does your love lie?
the passions fly?
but today, more importantly
tranquility and peace of spirit and mind
seek your balance in your personal divine
the wealth is in your freedom within
share it and see it multiply

(PS if you want to purchase some jimi photo cards, i can make that happen - lickety split - just comment and i will get in touch asap)
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

yarny bits and walkabouts

went a walking and a crawling (to some pubs, that is)
had to leave my yarny little mark
at the neighborhood that would love it best

threw my knit tags together on the fly
stitched so last minute
they scream low key
and true

quick, silent and fibery
that's my play for the day
make the yarn be with you all
and have a luscious tactile weekend
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Put an apron on, would ya!?

put an apron on, would ya?
the food is tired of landing in your lap
the frosting highlighting your hair
the pasta lumping at your waistband
as if you didn't care

put an apron on, could ya?
the company comes a callin'
you cannot be a stallin'
changing your outfit twice and fallin'
prey to frumpiness in the end

put an apron on, already
your hands are not that steady
you've been drinking since my boss was getting
his hands up your chicken carcases rear end

put an apron on, dear lady
the outfit on you isn't heavy
and the gravy boat is like the damn's levee
after an earthquake hit's like lead

put an apron on, he said me
it's the return to once was etiquette
and the voice in the kitchen is ahead of
everything i feel most inclined to follow and be led

madly creative aprons at happy delusions

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

squirrely behavior, to be sure

he came to court the squirrel he said
though she was stiff and ceramic
he clamored for her shiny embrace
his tail was all a swish
in near a panic

she did not move nor bat an eye
when his antics became more spry
such a chameleon, with such flair
she covered her emotions under his hot glare

he tried to be quiet
saying a quick acorn prayer
if he acted as still as she
she might intuit the depth of his care

at last he then realized
oh! the despair
she just wasn't his type
coquettish and too bright
he would much rather crawl back into his tree lair
fuss around as he would manly dare
and fondle his acorns in quiet

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

foraging before the sun fades

the sun is still bringing it's late summer smiles leaving more fruit, more verdant greens to water, to harvest, to pick like a squirrel, i gather for the winter and dream the dream of kitchen witches and common oven chiefs

life should be so simple, full of song the gather, graze and wander in this moment, i can live from the land and me likes

gardens are overflowing and there is no way of knowing when the land will embrace Fall with open arms and harden the earth with chill glances

so while the buds do bloom and the flowers continue to smell fine i grope in the vines pluck at the buds fill the freezer and smile like a cheshire cat with a mouthful of garden gorgeousness

Message to the Blogosphere: so you wonder why i am such a foodie blog follower as well as the made creator at this blog? i am slow roasting tomatoes in the oven daily (can't find the source right now, but 200 degrees with olive oil on top for 7-8 hours is GOOD!), making whole grain banana crunch cake from mags at the other side of fifty, plum cake from girlichef, tomato and corn pie from smitten kitchen, cookies and roasting some italian plums to boot yep foodie lover down to my little apple core and lovin' every minute of it
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

out and about today in town

out and about on a sun blessed journey
flipping my pedals and seeking a breeze
encountering visions and vistas that have no year
timeless treasures in my eye's focus

somethings should not change
comes around again
the appreciation, the chance to incorporate the old into the new
the shared vision with our ancestors

i found this tree in the warm afternoon
legs and all
monkeys in the branches, the tree warned me loudly
sock monkeys, me thinks
i should climb more often
leaves are so soothing
and monkeys give me hiccups of laughter at their hijinks

Message for the Blogosphere:

still a little MIA from the blog - forgive my absence - but it may just be good for the soul. introspection and introversion need not be heavy or harsh. i treasure the energy of sundays still - it feels different from all the other days, and should be a sacred day, whatever your persuasion. life goes by far too quickly, and a moment of quiet self indulgence and some sweet, deep thoughts are good for the soul. good for the soul - yes, bears repeating - let yourself be brought to the shores of this enviable beach of contentment
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

when i roam

the trip to the forest's edge was fraught with liquid sky
falling into the fire
we had to cool our heels
and enjoy the slowness of nature time
all so very, very fine

this lichen is the color of limes and summer frolic
could it soften my fall?
it smiles of tree silliness
nature's accent color as the season of Fall boasts it's presence
at the turn of a leaf and cloud

this guy had a big crush on me this holiday
his head nudging me for attentions and love
handsome and dark
what more could a girl want?

my roaming camping companions as we struck out past the fields
looking for respite
moments free of concrete harried stress
in between sighs and tranquility
too seldom found
cherished, unforgotten

Message to the Blogosphere:

I am back - and will resume my careening tour through all your blogs momentarily.

Choices, choices choices - at the corner of my life and where next? just go with your gut, baby, you can never go wrong in the long run if you just do what feels right. mind and heart must share space - do not over analyze what you know must be done. Face the fear of the best choice your heart can bear ( how can you fear your joy, sweetness?!)- cuz therein lies the gravy, the mana, the future of life.
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