Sunday, November 8, 2009

my day at the market

my day at the market in the glorious rain
and spatterings/smatterings of sun the slid in
quite noticed and welcome

birthday celebrations for sis and I have already begun
and this market visit was just part
of the plans
set in motion

get a little flustered in the gut when i eat this favorite fall meal treat
all the more reason to laugh at the gila monster
he speaks my brussel sprout truth
i willingly endure pain for the privilege of eating these mothers

a rose by any other name, except when grown in a cabbage patch
but still beautiful in a bouquet
and quietly residing in my bedroom now
festooning a dresser
and reminding me of birthday wishes
given by sis

message for the blogosphere:
someone comes swiftly, head the change of wind and the plowing through old ways to new destinations. not a time for relying on staid and true methods - creative new winds are in gale force, and you'd best hold on for the ride commences... now
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

making sweet head coverings

i wanna thank you all for hanging in there
and letting me know
what the bleep in the blogger world
Boldlittle madlycreative
brings to and stirs your pot with

cupcake hats, more sweet somethings
for the adultsized kid
who wants to look super delectable
in the cooler months ahead

look familiar? you know i love the baked goods
and some fiber too
these will go on sale in my town/in my little store/in the shop where all the handmade things are
as i cobble together an existence
as i try to read the stars and search my soul
i keep on ticking
and creating
for therein, lies the fun

message to the blogosphere:
sign of the scorpio. messages of death and rebirth. time to look deeply and stave off the fear. rebirthing is right around the corner, baby...
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

meandering back into the room

i wandered off and left for awhile
i don't like showing up without direction
just because
those days should be over at this stage of my life
should be

full into fall
sometimes blustery, leaf ridden days of cool
or sunshine forced through layers of reds and golds
welcomed with ease and the barest bit of surprise
and a sense of reprieve

this is my and my sister's birth month
don't hold our sultry and deep Scorpio side against us
we're just loyal to a fault
and acerbic in tongue when on the wrong side of the bed
or issue
sensuous and sometimes serious
but way fun

the scarf slash stole is handknit by big sis me, for my little sis for her day of birth
sweet remembrances
and the bench
is where i have been mentally these days
reconsidering life
my craft (s)
and wondering what it all means
to be

love reading what my longtime friend and astrologer, Molly Hall has to say
and the great link to author Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat,Drink Pray, Love" that really rocked my boat yesterday

If you wouldn't mind - can you tell me why you come to visit my blog? what is it that makes a trip here worthwhile for you? i have had creator's/bloggers block - and i would love to know what i might be bringing to the table
for all of you

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