Sunday, August 30, 2009

squirrely thing, this blogging business

last fall there was a drunken soldier who fell
the pavement became his home for many a day

and we sent our condolences
and I knit for him

his memory still lingers and to commemorate that moment in time Crystal kitted out this little figurine for wee little me ain't he cute?

i love a good scarf worn with flair, don't you?

Message for the Blogosphere:
Tiny little deaths. endings and fits of goodbyes just mean turning a corner onto new beginnings. Sometimes a good and thorough ending can bring about the best of new responses, even between two people who seem to be teetering on the edge of a need for something fresh and renewed. My friend, Molly, called it the "reset" button. Let's hit the reset button, clear the air, remove the general fugue from the room, spray some mental freshner about, letting out a belly full of pent up blues and a deep sigh of my oh my, where has the time gone by. Reclaim your own future today. You deserve what is rightly yours - you need it now more than ever.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

much better!

i went to where i love
the mint green wall of the 50's makeover at a neighborhood building
maybe these photos will make the cut for me
maybe my esty photo taking ship has finally come in
maybe i just really like this shade of green
here's to hoping others do as well
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

sketches in green minty fresh

window onto a portion of my everyday swirl
green vintage yarn scored from thrifting
a xmas sweater in the making
neighborhood blooms
breathtaking in the colors
the transect and contrast
life's little treasures in funk
swerve and petal

hello my friends, i really appreciate your presence
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's about making me happy

all of these photos were taken within the last 24 hours
they are making me happy
the might appear elsewhere
but only here do them hum together
in this twirl of color and content
only here do they speak directly to you
from me

i have a message for you and me
and this is for our wily feminine sides
the part of us that knows what to do
and when to do it
and you all do

there is a scent in the air
clean inhalations after a storm
telling of treasures and milky ways
tread stalwartly
grasping your need to invest in future tidings
and fortunes your core is cognizant of seeing
corner of the eye, napping while
storing up acorns

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

something i saw today

to breakfast i went
and spied this glass
a marvel of lead and color
of preserving the past

sometimes it is just enough to take a couple of clicks
store the memory
having a place to come back and share
transporting our communal thoughts
to bricks and pretty colored glass
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Monday, August 24, 2009

my collage bagmaking obssesion

these are my bags
my intense, collage mandalaesque bags
that i make but never seem to sell
and the photos always stink

i love my bags, and use them
in every color
but i suck at photos for etsy
like a blindspot i can't ever see
i just can't make a thumbnail photo for uploading that doesn't just

i am whining
aren't i whining?
giving it another try, another upload, another crop
and keeping the fingers crossed

there are only so many times you can give family and friends yet another
handbag for christmas
you know what i mean?
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

back in my "zone"

back in my "zone"
even wrote it on the knit
feeling my wild yarny oats
and sewing a few
on my friend's porch

Garbear and i have a plan to put silliness and smiles out into the world
co-authoring some art to place randomly around
this is my start
up to him to finish
you might remember him of late
in a previous post here
he has a funny sense about him
and he has experience in this sort of thing

the porch needed to be blissfully bombed
yarnfully despoiled
so while there
i affixed a dear knit up
to the post

it says
entering the love zone
a little cryptically, but nevertheless
there it is
it might be time for nearby hearts to set to a rumblin'
it maybe time for singles to collide and make doubles

or maybe the neighborhood stray
will lay kitties upon the stoop
and call it a day

anyway that it plays out
some heartfelt rumourings
are gathering restless wafts of breeze
and threatening flight

Message for the Blogosphere:

Enjoy these moments alone and with your hermit-like self. Cling to the small solitary stillness and deeply enjoy. When it is gone, you don't want to long for the quiet - stock up now and be free to play when the sun shines in your corner and beckons you to step, and step lively.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy vintage cars

heading off to an art walk today
with a car show thrown in
i eat those vintage cars right up

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Friday, August 21, 2009

pinky perfect

it came in the mail this delight begun many a moon before, with a plan in sight Pinky reworked my Joan of Arc of the knitting needles me and my tormented yarnistry into a gift to adore could this be happiness? pierced through the heart by the love of the craft/art gladly do i serve my calling i bear this burden of fiber and function with strength salute to Ms. Celestial - my pinkiness of pals you cause grins and gollygees within and i miss your presence the long miles creep don't be gone away too long! you have a corner in our beings
all the way over
where you used to roam
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

bubble pop gee whiz

might it only take a trip outside
to chase the cobwebs
coat them with glossy shine
colorize them
create "happy"stance?

bubble pop
gum gooey drop
i can open wide and drop the goodness inside

no need to select
whatever rolls down the shoot is mine
kaleidoscope of tones
flavors nearly natural
no need to grab what soon at hand will be mine

knitting for the nearly new
my little niece has just turned two
she points to her knitgear that she proudly wears
and with her wee deep voice delares
"auntie made this"
my heart skips a beat and pumps for joy

for her
my knitting needles do fly
this is my happy thought for many a life mile

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