Friday, August 21, 2009

pinky perfect

it came in the mail this delight begun many a moon before, with a plan in sight Pinky reworked my Joan of Arc of the knitting needles me and my tormented yarnistry into a gift to adore could this be happiness? pierced through the heart by the love of the craft/art gladly do i serve my calling i bear this burden of fiber and function with strength salute to Ms. Celestial - my pinkiness of pals you cause grins and gollygees within and i miss your presence the long miles creep don't be gone away too long! you have a corner in our beings
all the way over
where you used to roam
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  1. the best kind of gift :)
    Pinky's got skills too, great work!

  2. That is beautiful!! Love the colors and the needles through the heart! Hugs, Silke

  3. Very impressive, the colors, the heart, the knitting needles.


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