Thursday, August 20, 2009

bubble pop gee whiz

might it only take a trip outside
to chase the cobwebs
coat them with glossy shine
colorize them
create "happy"stance?

bubble pop
gum gooey drop
i can open wide and drop the goodness inside

no need to select
whatever rolls down the shoot is mine
kaleidoscope of tones
flavors nearly natural
no need to grab what soon at hand will be mine

knitting for the nearly new
my little niece has just turned two
she points to her knitgear that she proudly wears
and with her wee deep voice delares
"auntie made this"
my heart skips a beat and pumps for joy

for her
my knitting needles do fly
this is my happy thought for many a life mile

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  1. Hello Darling, I love those gumballs.. are those the ones you call jaw-breakers? (we dont have them under that name here.. :)
    And as usual my eyes tear up a bit from the colour, your like a natural vitamin pill. I was slapped around the face with the difference of pictures between us. I'm like the pebbles on the beach, neutral colours and texture while youre the bucking merry-go-round mare with the flowing multicoloured mare :) (yeah, i've come to aquire a merry-go-round horse fetish, their gorgeouse.. :D)

    oh and I silly enough answer your post on my own blogg, so go read about nutidy and the lack of it on my part over there ;)
    Lotts love out of London.

    PS, i'm becomming an aunt to soon.. Very soon we hope. My sister in law is carrying around a 4.6 kg babe, just waiting for the drop.
    Dont know how at home you are with Kg's but lets put it this way, normally babes come out weighing 3.5... :D so thats 2 pounds over.
    My brother, the skinny man, managed to pass on the latent (on his part) brick-house genes it seems :)

  2. aaaaaaaahahahahah, oh goooood.. I can actually see it in my minds eye..
    Getting out into the halway, striking that lovely pose with hands high and back ram-rod straight and clapping together while stomping out a quick flamenco number :D
    Need to get dresses though.. with a lot of ruffle :D

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Love the gumballs, love the cardi, love the LadyP Vit C(olour)injection. And by the way, I finally got around to replying to your meme challenge! Love Dxx

  4. Brings back memories of childhood, these gumballs. Thanks for having me on your sidebar, Lady P!

  5. wow that cardi is some mighty fine knitting, it's gorgeous, and as yummy as the pics of the gumballs.


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