Friday, June 12, 2009

When silly friends have garage sales

My friends crack me up - and always have a gazillion little trinkets that I must have to clutter up the corners of my happy heart and the shelves in my kitchen and creative corner (two of the most awesome places in my house for me to sit my behind down and create.

My buddy, I'll call him "GarBear" , has a wild sense of art humor. No corner, or wall, or doorway - inside or out, is safe.

This is his art work - taking forsaken pieces of painting and adjusting them for our humor palettes. He is known to then place them randomly about the city for people to snicker at - or not. You know how the public can be at times. Finicky. Fussy. Without the funnybones that God gave them.

This little freeform sculpture went along with the street sign indicating the sale. Priceless.

This barbie with an extreme makeover has a cute backstory and a lot of attitude. Her T-shirt says "Hello Kinky". That's a play on Hello Kitty, the former owner tells me hurriedly, like she doesn't want me reading to much into her past history - or the doll's.

This cutie went home with me. Now, now - you with the less than clean minds - nothing like that. I will say, however, that she has more clothes on than the other barbies in my home that she will be keeping company with at this time.

I don't even want to think what that means.
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  1. C’mon Lady P, tell us more about the barbies! ;-)

  2. more evidence that I want to live in your town...

  3. I think I like garbear... nd as for the barbie..well you should have seen the stuff I had for my garage sale this weekend..he he he...


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