Sunday, August 23, 2009

back in my "zone"

back in my "zone"
even wrote it on the knit
feeling my wild yarny oats
and sewing a few
on my friend's porch

Garbear and i have a plan to put silliness and smiles out into the world
co-authoring some art to place randomly around
this is my start
up to him to finish
you might remember him of late
in a previous post here
he has a funny sense about him
and he has experience in this sort of thing

the porch needed to be blissfully bombed
yarnfully despoiled
so while there
i affixed a dear knit up
to the post

it says
entering the love zone
a little cryptically, but nevertheless
there it is
it might be time for nearby hearts to set to a rumblin'
it maybe time for singles to collide and make doubles

or maybe the neighborhood stray
will lay kitties upon the stoop
and call it a day

anyway that it plays out
some heartfelt rumourings
are gathering restless wafts of breeze
and threatening flight

Message for the Blogosphere:

Enjoy these moments alone and with your hermit-like self. Cling to the small solitary stillness and deeply enjoy. When it is gone, you don't want to long for the quiet - stock up now and be free to play when the sun shines in your corner and beckons you to step, and step lively.
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  1. Yes indeed, stock up on fun, dancing beneath the stars, and laughing with friends. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

  2. Ooooh... I want kittens.. *raises a hand*
    Love the colour splashes, and even though I dont have a porch, you can come and knitt all over our front stoop any time :)

    as for the phone memories:
    when I was 12 or 13 I broke my arm while working in Poland (at the stables, as always, me and the horse had a difference in opition.. and parted ways quite dramatically infront of a terrain fence - the kind that does not fall over on impact) so I broke by arm and collar bone. Had to hitch-hicke to the hospital because they did not have any phones at the stable where I worked.. and no car in at that moment... oh bliss to stand on a small road, propped up by friends while high on the painkillers the vet - yeah... the vet.. - had supplied.. Phones are underated...
    Says the woman that is always loosing her keys and getting locked out ;)

    not its time to sleep tight, and not let the bed bugs bite. Its half past 2 am, and tomorrow I need to go parle with the beurocrisy of getting a new passport.
    Fingers crossed for me please ;)

  3. Those are the moments I savor! I'm glad you're back in your do some awesome work there! Lovely unicorn ;)

  4. well grrl+dog's post made me teary and yours makes me laugh and smile.
    Oh that zone, how special it is and nice to see YOU in it, creating your artistic mischief and enjoying yourself.

  5. Hello Darling,
    yes, the aunty hood is eminent.. I'm sitting with my cell phone in one paw and the fingers crossed on the other waiting for info from soon to be producers.. :)

    as for kids, hmmmm... I've always been of the "better you than me" school. I've never actually held an infant even (my mum usually muscles in at any family meeting where there are some and hijacks the kid and keeps a hold of it untill the parents pry her away.. yes.. i've got the hard-core-baby-loving mom.. she's been begging for grandchildren since day one of meeting Love.. that was a great first family dinner *eyeroll*) anyway.. but in a year or so you might become blogger-god-mother if all goes to plan :)

  6. Oh, Lady P, I am so happy that you are back in your Happy Zone! Your crazy guerilla-knitted-art-silliness inspires me ... (PS about my new header - it is a little assemblage I have in my living room - I decided I wanted to portray a cool, calm and meditative atmosphere on my blog to balance the increasing scattiness of my head - hahaha! - what was I thinking??

  7. It is so cheerful to see you oh so cheerful...and silly and smiling...smiling back at you...XXOO Orly


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