Sunday, August 30, 2009

squirrely thing, this blogging business

last fall there was a drunken soldier who fell
the pavement became his home for many a day

and we sent our condolences
and I knit for him

his memory still lingers and to commemorate that moment in time Crystal kitted out this little figurine for wee little me ain't he cute?

i love a good scarf worn with flair, don't you?

Message for the Blogosphere:
Tiny little deaths. endings and fits of goodbyes just mean turning a corner onto new beginnings. Sometimes a good and thorough ending can bring about the best of new responses, even between two people who seem to be teetering on the edge of a need for something fresh and renewed. My friend, Molly, called it the "reset" button. Let's hit the reset button, clear the air, remove the general fugue from the room, spray some mental freshner about, letting out a belly full of pent up blues and a deep sigh of my oh my, where has the time gone by. Reclaim your own future today. You deserve what is rightly yours - you need it now more than ever.
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  1. Oh Lady P, Your message for the blogosphere is just what I needed to hear today. All this and squirrels too. He does look handsome in green. Hope all is well with you dear. Dx

  2. Oh my, that squirrel looks very happy with his green scarf. I agree that goodbyes and endings are often the start of new beginnings. "A good and thorough" ending - I think that is the key, otherwise it just feels like unfinished business ... Keep well, dear Lady P. I like your bag-shooting-alley spot by the way. And the dummy. (Wow, that sounds like a description of some gangster movie or something ...)

  3. I really like the bags and the way you photographed them against that really yummy painted brick wall.

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  5. A PS to your comment on my post - I feel for you in your doubt and dumbfoundedness, dear Lady P! I, for example, am doubting the wisdom of my decision three years ago to quit my permanent job and go freelance. And the thing I am dumbfounded by is how it can be that I, with two academic degrees and a certain (if unusual at times) fashion sense, earn less than a third of the fee that the plumber charges us, who comes to fix our toilet (and gets it wrong) dressed in a pair of way-too-tight shorts and a sweaty tank top. I mean, how does that work?

  6. Hello Darling,
    have through the day been sending little pokes of energy your way, I hope they tickle. tonight I'll send a full package your way, I hope it fizzles nicely when it arrives :)

    As for far-flung-friends, I do know the feeling. I hope the stars gave some light over the situation. As for the mum-bit.. hmm.. I'm thinking it's down to deciding that you want to be one. With our with out a Love. Admitedly its easier with one (or in my case, i'd never think about becomming one even if I hadent found mine.. but then again, I don't go goooy around baby pixies.. I just never had the urge befor I found someone worth getting a carboncopy of :) If mum-hoods the things you want to do then get it started ;)

    just feel your way around with your toes for the way and you'll do great. And what ever you do dont go bending yourself into weird possitions just to fit into something. If life does not feel like a pair of flannel jammies worn in all the right places, then its not worth living :D

  7. What a lovely message--it was very well written. I hope everything is going well, and I must say, that squirrel is adorable--scarf and all.

  8. That feels like just the message I've been needing to hear. We've had some cool, refreshing weather and it fits into the same mold. Thank you, lady ;) luv your little squirrely.

  9. Very stylish squirrel! I love a scarf to finish off an outfit myself :)

    And as for "resetting" - sounds like a great idea!


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