Tuesday, September 1, 2009

like a little lavender would ya?

lilac and lavender
crystal clear but not known from within
these days of endless murky meanderings
need intuitive takes
musings and moderation

Ganesh is the lord of obstacles
may he creates highways and byways where none seem to exist
the clutter and clash of conscientious concern
is only bringing tattered messages my way

this bag seems to have shards of crystalline creation springing to life
third eye clarity
comfort benign

message for the blogosphere:

fight for fairness, don't deny your generous heart to shine, even when you feel as if the times necessitate hoarding and hesitation. if we all let forth our hand to feed the souls of ourselves and others, this mess wouldn't be looking so big

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  1. ah yes, the hardship of finding the Love worth having... Before I found mine I was all set for life as a spinster (at the ripe old age of 25) with my own appartment, full controll of the remote, a bathroom free of any male toiletries and very very happy about it.

    Seriously, Love took me by suprise (in his swetpants, t-hirt and a video marathon that ended up in amazing snogging for 7 hours snogging and 3 days later him handing me a toothbrush to keep in his bathroom.. hmm.. yes, very quick moving there :D)

    I'll wish for a Love that deserves and cherries's (many ss's in that one.. ) and that does what any Love of yours has to do (or he does not get a green card to stay in the house) which is to make you sine even brighter. And with a little luck he'll even provide the add-ons of grandkids to cuddle :)

    will cross fingers, toes and any other limbs I can and hopp around one legged until we have the man in the bag so to speak.
    Sending lots of love over the ocean while slightly worried that men in the states are having a serious eyesight problem that you do not have a line outside your door.... or is it the quality of male over there?
    Would you like my baby brother? :D

  2. and here's some translation for the swede-text thats got to many typos.. :)

    cherries's :Cherishes ( i think.. no spell check on here... hm.. )

    sine: Shine... ofcourse!


  3. Lady P, Lovely as usual.

    When you get a chance, email me your address so that the Goth Apron will be sent on its way to its new home.


  4. First thigns first.. Your getting a goth-apron? Oh babe, I'm jelouse!!!! :D

    As for everything else, very happy I found you too, its rare to "click" with ppl, and when it does happen its flipping amazing!

    Allthough I do wish you'd reconsider turning my baby brother down.. I'd love to have to for a sister in law *grins* i've allready been blessed with 2 great ones, and having a third would be marvelouse, but then again, I probably wont be that lucky... *sighs deeply*

    Oh and concidering the headlines we've been getting in Sweden about old ppls homes and the spreading of STD's, it seems that geratrics do have a better time than most.. Cant wait! :D
    It might be possible thought that they just couldnt be bothered with a nother round of Bingo and decided to go for debachery instead. Never know :)

    and a mindslip to the right, I'd Loooooove to see your wardrobe (closet) I can just imagine what kind of jems of fabric are hiding out in there :D

    Okej, now i need to get some sleep, and yes, the internet does swallow up a lot of words when it chooses too, so I always ctrl+c everything before pressing send.. it saves on cussing ;)

    lotts alove out of London//M

  5. That bag is fantastic--I just love the colors there.


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