Thursday, September 3, 2009

creature comforts

lasso your secret and best kept desires
lay into a new world beyond the realm of which you are keepin
attack the creature and consume the comforts
chip away at the chocolate you crave and conspire

out of the oven
fresh and brimming with bubbles of you
sweetness that kindles and cavorts
taste what you long to set free

maybe your are partaking of the wrong cup of tea
something to sooth you
not far from where you began
easier if you could have the vision
it need not be so sweet for the sustenance it would bring
fills all needs and appetites

Message for the Blogosphere:

times are materially tough, and you feel the pressure, the tightening of the financial purse strings, the constrainment in your daily forays. do what you need to do, don't sacrifice too readily for you may do yourself undue harm. do only what is level, your level best as it were. sharing to make the load less, caring to make the times softer, harboring less doubt and more a sense of a bigger vision that takes you back to your basic self, the one you came in with, the one that knows what you truly crave when things get a little down.
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  1. ooohnoooo... 3-4 days of noooon colour, I will weeep in my soup .. or teacup.. :7
    Have a lovely vacation, and bring back many lovely pictures and an easier step :)

    As for the brother, I dont think he cares much for kids, but i might be wrong. Actually only one of us is really "kid friendly" and that one just got his own a week or two ago :)

    will wait for your return with bathed (baded? beathed?.. how do you spell that word?) breath! Give the sun my regards and may the mosquitos be few and on a diet.
    Lottsa love

    PS. yes, I sent him, but it might be that the germans got him... hmm..

  2. Are you a horoscope writer in your downtime? :D Lovely as usual...lasso me up a few of those beauties!

  3. Hmm..

    we are definitley twins separated at birth.
    Sounds like exactly what is going on onver here. Quick run to a mirror and say hi to me!

  4. Is that a bonnet? I love the color and those cookies...did you bake 'em? they sure look yummy!

  5. wow.
    i'm soaking all of this in right now.
    love the playful images! so sweet!

  6. you are truly madly creative.

  7. coooome back, ååååååh baby come baaaack *does a little sing and dance to make time pass quicker untill your return*

  8. Ooo, love your message. What person on the planet doesn't need to hear that right now?

    Thanks for sharing a sunny message and some sweet photos...they always cheer me, bring me comfort or energize me! :)

  9. seriously love.. arnt you back yet? when are you getting back? are you heeeere sooooon?? *pouts and thumps her feet against the floor*
    tomorrow or wednesday is aaaaaages away..
    Need to get you hooked up with a traveling modem :)

  10. *swinging her legs (one more then the other, the clutz gene came thru with a bang, so no my knee is.. banged that is) and wiggling her toes while waiting*
    dumdidum.. dididuuudududdeeeee *humming.. very off key as always*


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