Friday, August 28, 2009

much better!

i went to where i love
the mint green wall of the 50's makeover at a neighborhood building
maybe these photos will make the cut for me
maybe my esty photo taking ship has finally come in
maybe i just really like this shade of green
here's to hoping others do as well
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  1. Wow!!! I'm really impressed.

  2. their beutiful, i'm craving the one with the sea-scape... allthough the (as I see it) seaweed would be rubbed of within the first week.. :)

    as for dancing, come my darling, tomorrow the Notting Hill Festival is starting, our neighbour has allready barricaded our front steps and drive way and the police has started building the partitions to keep the unwashed (or washed in my case) masses out from underneath the floats and dancing parade :D

    I'll have the PG tips ready for you, and even a glass of pimms with lemonade :D

  3. these are cool pictures. Good use of a backdrop. Seems the color of the bricks flows really well with the tones of your bags. Good shots!


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