Thursday, November 5, 2009

making sweet head coverings

i wanna thank you all for hanging in there
and letting me know
what the bleep in the blogger world
Boldlittle madlycreative
brings to and stirs your pot with

cupcake hats, more sweet somethings
for the adultsized kid
who wants to look super delectable
in the cooler months ahead

look familiar? you know i love the baked goods
and some fiber too
these will go on sale in my town/in my little store/in the shop where all the handmade things are
as i cobble together an existence
as i try to read the stars and search my soul
i keep on ticking
and creating
for therein, lies the fun

message to the blogosphere:
sign of the scorpio. messages of death and rebirth. time to look deeply and stave off the fear. rebirthing is right around the corner, baby...
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  1. Wonderful hats! A blast of color once again from you!! And I love your message - it's somehow where we all are isn't it? Keeping on ticking and creating and searching our souls through all of it... You are such an inspiration!! Hugs, Silke

  2. It's braver to keep on ticking and kicking to keep your head above the water that is trying to pull you down. So keep on kicking and screaming, creating and searching, because you have a talent to bring out the beautiful in the mundane.

  3. You know I'd have me one of those adorable cupcake hats if I didn't have such a stinking big head. Cute turns into creepy just like

    Glad to see you're back amongst the blogging. We've missed you!

  4. awwwwwwww... just lost a long letter of löööv into the webspace.. buggerit.. :P

    Been missing you too my darling, and here's the shortend letter copy:

    Missing you!
    Love the hats!
    I've stopped smoking!
    4 days!
    no deaths so far!

    to put it simply. Have (again) decided to live life without the help of filters between me and the world around me and i'm still finding my feet.. and working hard on not biting the head of the rest of the world.

    oh and no.. not preggers.. :)
    the whole stoping smoking thing came around after getting the flu for the 3rd time (me and Love have been bouncing it between us.. we really need to stop snogging when we're snotty) and well. Now atleast i'm a bit better. Will blogg up and get back when I have something more then snotty papers and filter envy to talk about. ;) currently i'm having problems walking down the street without following smokers (or as I like to think of them: my ppl) and sniffing them.. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... :S

    Sending lots of love! you and matt are 2 out of 5 places i've visited for the last 3 weeks, and you are both the best company with a biccy and a cuppa.. :)

  5. they are soooooooooooooo cute :D

  6. what sweet cupcake hats!
    wishing you wild, beautiful success!
    you're one fierce cookie, my dear!
    hugs from zurich,


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