Wednesday, September 9, 2009

when i roam

the trip to the forest's edge was fraught with liquid sky
falling into the fire
we had to cool our heels
and enjoy the slowness of nature time
all so very, very fine

this lichen is the color of limes and summer frolic
could it soften my fall?
it smiles of tree silliness
nature's accent color as the season of Fall boasts it's presence
at the turn of a leaf and cloud

this guy had a big crush on me this holiday
his head nudging me for attentions and love
handsome and dark
what more could a girl want?

my roaming camping companions as we struck out past the fields
looking for respite
moments free of concrete harried stress
in between sighs and tranquility
too seldom found
cherished, unforgotten

Message to the Blogosphere:

I am back - and will resume my careening tour through all your blogs momentarily.

Choices, choices choices - at the corner of my life and where next? just go with your gut, baby, you can never go wrong in the long run if you just do what feels right. mind and heart must share space - do not over analyze what you know must be done. Face the fear of the best choice your heart can bear ( how can you fear your joy, sweetness?!)- cuz therein lies the gravy, the mana, the future of life.
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  1. I saw your comment on my blog. You are so RIGHT--what timing :)

    Great post. You're always very inspiring.
    PS--No worries about products--you have some coming in the tart package :)

  2. oh Karley - could I BE any luckier!!?

  3. aaaaah... atleast my daily P is beeing provided again, good thing. And dark and hansome is all you need love :)
    (god i miss having a dog)
    am currently sitting in my "feel sorry for myself" knitted sock-slippers, running a slight fever and doing the usual gnawing of knuckles about the future (allthough if money is my only problem, then truly I am blessed right? :7)

    gonna get my big bum into the miniscule kitchen and make polish kiebasa saus with tomatoes and union, and a big bowl of pasta. What was it again, starv a fever feed a cold.. or the other way around?
    the goldfish has struck again :)

    happy that you are back my darling, you bring solice and colour!

  4. Oh, Lady P, you are back! I like the poetry/prose you have written, especially the first two lines: the trip to the forest's edge was fraught with liquid sky. That is lovely, I may even try to make a journal page of it! That is the only analyzing I ever do - to make art. I agree with you about over-analysing - it is bad for you. (PS I have sent my moleskine over to come play with yours - are they having fun yet? PPS I am glad you like Darwin in Pink.)

  5. Lady P, The picture of the roaming campers looks like something that might be in the movie Twilight. Very very nice!!!

  6. Stunning field and sky! And...a strapping, adorable, snuggly doggie :)


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