Sunday, September 13, 2009

out and about today in town

out and about on a sun blessed journey
flipping my pedals and seeking a breeze
encountering visions and vistas that have no year
timeless treasures in my eye's focus

somethings should not change
comes around again
the appreciation, the chance to incorporate the old into the new
the shared vision with our ancestors

i found this tree in the warm afternoon
legs and all
monkeys in the branches, the tree warned me loudly
sock monkeys, me thinks
i should climb more often
leaves are so soothing
and monkeys give me hiccups of laughter at their hijinks

Message for the Blogosphere:

still a little MIA from the blog - forgive my absence - but it may just be good for the soul. introspection and introversion need not be heavy or harsh. i treasure the energy of sundays still - it feels different from all the other days, and should be a sacred day, whatever your persuasion. life goes by far too quickly, and a moment of quiet self indulgence and some sweet, deep thoughts are good for the soul. good for the soul - yes, bears repeating - let yourself be brought to the shores of this enviable beach of contentment
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  1. I'd like to have a walk or bike ride with you sometime...

  2. I love that tree picture...too cool :D

  3. Do you know that all train tracks lead to Georgia? Just something to think about.

  4. hello my darling, i know hte feeling.. i have not done updates or been able to do anything except check yours out (and compleatly understanding the calm and quiet part) we're fighting to get everything in line, and no, no bills paid yet.. but we've got work, lets hope the money comes in before we get trapped by the lack of it. :7

    sending you all my love, and going back to work while thinking of pilphering shoes from monkeys. its a smiley thought :)

  5. I like the tree with the legs. Trees should have legs, I mean, why not? Yes, absence, as they say, makes the heart grow fonder ...

  6. I really love the first picture, of the train tracks-- gets my imagination rolling.

  7. Oh, Lady P, I loved your comment! I LOVED it!! Actually, I do have a plain black dress. I am tempted, yes, I have to say that I am tempted ... Now someone must just invite me to a party.


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