Tuesday, September 15, 2009

foraging before the sun fades

the sun is still bringing it's late summer smiles leaving more fruit, more verdant greens to water, to harvest, to pick like a squirrel, i gather for the winter and dream the dream of kitchen witches and common oven chiefs

life should be so simple, full of song the gather, graze and wander in this moment, i can live from the land and me likes

gardens are overflowing and there is no way of knowing when the land will embrace Fall with open arms and harden the earth with chill glances

so while the buds do bloom and the flowers continue to smell fine i grope in the vines pluck at the buds fill the freezer and smile like a cheshire cat with a mouthful of garden gorgeousness

Message to the Blogosphere: so you wonder why i am such a foodie blog follower as well as the made creator at this blog? i am slow roasting tomatoes in the oven daily (can't find the source right now, but 200 degrees with olive oil on top for 7-8 hours is GOOD!), making whole grain banana crunch cake from mags at the other side of fifty, plum cake from girlichef, tomato and corn pie from smitten kitchen, cookies and roasting some italian plums to boot yep foodie lover down to my little apple core and lovin' every minute of it
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  1. What are you going to do with the slow roasted tomatoes?

  2. Thank you for the blog nod and for including me in your blog roll. I appreciate it! And yeah, what Moogie said.... what are you going to do with those slow roasted tomatoes?

  3. Well, I too must comment on the slow-roasted tomatoes. YUM! A woman of many talents and interests you are, my lovely Lady P! And always an inspiration :) Use up your plum bounty on delicious goodies...thanks for thinking of my cake!

  4. that's what smells good... I think I can smnell those tomatoes from here..

  5. hum, this gal in the blososphere is drooling, your foodie habit sounds delish.

  6. :) Thank you for having our blog on your page as well.

    MMM Roasted tomatoes...reminds of the fire roasted tomato that persian restaurants give with most of their dishes.

    Squish it right into warm basmati rice and enjoy. mm mm sooo good.


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