Wednesday, September 16, 2009

squirrely behavior, to be sure

he came to court the squirrel he said
though she was stiff and ceramic
he clamored for her shiny embrace
his tail was all a swish
in near a panic

she did not move nor bat an eye
when his antics became more spry
such a chameleon, with such flair
she covered her emotions under his hot glare

he tried to be quiet
saying a quick acorn prayer
if he acted as still as she
she might intuit the depth of his care

at last he then realized
oh! the despair
she just wasn't his type
coquettish and too bright
he would much rather crawl back into his tree lair
fuss around as he would manly dare
and fondle his acorns in quiet

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  1. And fondle his acorns in quiet..OMG!

  2. Didn't his mother ever tell him that he would go blind fondling his nuts... I mean acorns.

  3. hello my darling, the work is heavy, and the coffe cup never full enough. Love the squirrle on a mission of love. A little romeo juliet story with fuzzy tails.
    Needed that.
    Lottsa love and missing you and matt horribly. will get better att updating as soon as I get passed the weekend (one deadline on saturday, and one on monday).. life in the fast lane my darling, im typing code so fast my fingers are burning.

  4. What an uplifting post - love that furry guy and what a fun poem! Squirrels are quite the entertainers. i was sitting at my computer the other day located on the second floor of my house. The window in the adjoining room was open and all of a sudden I heard this strange crash. I got up to check it out and there was this rather large, completely freaked out squirrel hanging by all fours and ripping tiny holes all over my screen. As I stood in surprise i heard myself repeating "what are you doing? what ARE you doing?" As if he really knew - obviously he was equally as stunned by his behavior and lack of forethought. I am happy to report he dropped but was able to scamper away - not a short drop either - I was impressed - do squirrels have nine lives too you think?


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