Thursday, September 17, 2009

Put an apron on, would ya!?

put an apron on, would ya?
the food is tired of landing in your lap
the frosting highlighting your hair
the pasta lumping at your waistband
as if you didn't care

put an apron on, could ya?
the company comes a callin'
you cannot be a stallin'
changing your outfit twice and fallin'
prey to frumpiness in the end

put an apron on, already
your hands are not that steady
you've been drinking since my boss was getting
his hands up your chicken carcases rear end

put an apron on, dear lady
the outfit on you isn't heavy
and the gravy boat is like the damn's levee
after an earthquake hit's like lead

put an apron on, he said me
it's the return to once was etiquette
and the voice in the kitchen is ahead of
everything i feel most inclined to follow and be led

madly creative aprons at happy delusions


  1. Knitting, sewing, writing like Jane Austen. What don't you do?

  2. Love them!!! That first one is calling my name!

  3. Your art is Beautiful and i can see the hard work and dedication you have put into your work. You are a true inspiration.
    Below is my url if you wish to visit. I am crippled with parkinsons disease and it is a form of therapy for me. I also oil paint on canvas:

  4. i love these aprons! =)

  5. Lady P, I didn't delete the naughty remark. Try again.

    Just let me say, paranoia runs deep. I think since my last trip to France, I have been on the Fed's Watch List. Can't figure why they got all bent out of shape over 200 boxes of Parisan chocolates. Since then they have been bugging my cell phone and looking at my emails. They must have taken it for future use at my trail.

  6. Those are lovely - I had an "I need an apron" moment just last night while making pizza dough. My laptop still has flour smudges, and my dress...well, I needed an apron.

  7. Lady P... your creativity in both sewing and poetry is amazing. Such talent!

  8. Put on an apron? Put on an APRON? I'm always in an apron, some of my happiest moments are spent in an apron, but NONE of mine are as down right knock you over beautiful as yours. You are so very clever, dear heart.

  9. Hi lady P!
    I love your aprons. Especially that one with the bird.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. These are GORGEOUS!!!
    You should make skirt versions!!


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