Sunday, September 20, 2009

yarny bits and walkabouts

went a walking and a crawling (to some pubs, that is)
had to leave my yarny little mark
at the neighborhood that would love it best

threw my knit tags together on the fly
stitched so last minute
they scream low key
and true

quick, silent and fibery
that's my play for the day
make the yarn be with you all
and have a luscious tactile weekend
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  1. I love the dude standing there all quiet-like, meditating on the loveliness of your work-well-done.

  2. Not for the first time darling, I am left longing for you to live in my neighbourhood. I wish you would take your yarn adventures on the road...

  3. I am flouting about the World Wide Web today and found your spot...Very pretty, talented and fun... Keep up the entertaining work, I love it!

  4. There you go again... spreading the joy that is you.

  5. I would absolutely smile myself silly if I found one of these little guys hugging a lamppost in my neighborhood! You are too fabulous!

  6. hmmnn.. that's a soft spot right there...

  7. hello sweetcakes, i've been dreaming of you, or rather your approns :D not that i'm spending any time in the kitchen right now (basic food, eaten infront of the computer, life is pretty booring right now) but with some good luck we'll have it all done by the end of this week. Sending lottsa love, and just so you know, your blogg is basically my happy thought right now. its a great picker-upper ;)

  8. Lady P, you are my guerilla knitting hero! I want one of those Superhero dolls dressed like you, maybe in an apron like the ones below, knitting needles aloft, eyes ablaze! I so want to knit things for our local lamp poles, but quite frankly, do not have the courage to put it up. I have funny neighbours. They will call the police or something, I just know it.


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