Monday, September 28, 2009

oh, you card, you!

oh, you just crack me up you're such a card!
and though i love to take photos
my cards seem anything but photogenic

so me and me cards are having a great big hi-haw giggle

i can't be carded anymore, oh no
age has slipped in and dawned upon me

and whatever maybe written in my cards seems a vast mystery to me

through it all, i remain a steadfast, card carrying member of the art routine
i will futz and fiddle with my play stuffs and materials
till they draw my last card and sign me up for the next tour of duty in the great blue beyond

card stock, card board, calling cards, card sharks

my next house full of cards

are you a card who wants a card?
click on my etsy store on the right and go go go

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  1. :)
    Your blog brings me smiles each day!

  2. You're a card for sure! I was scoping out your cupcake hats on Etsy last week, and just about bought one of the baby ones, but held off... I must have known deep down that upcoming grandbaby is a boy. Darn cute hats though!

  3. They are cute!! You creative wonder, you ;)

  4. Even your blog entry is creative :) in it's presentation of your creativity.

  5. Great cards! I like how you've graffiti'd the card as well.


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