Thursday, October 1, 2009

fall has laid me low this day

"Tell me, what is it
you plan to do with
your one wild
and precious life?
A ship is safe in port
but that is not what
ships are for"

Mary Oliver

madly creative begs your indulgence - we are off sick, and will catch up more with you another fine day.
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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon Lady P.

  2. I love this quotation, Lady P. I hope you feel better soon dear heart.

  3. HA!

    It's like I popped over to visit and you were not home.. that is how it feels.
    Enjoy a rest....

  4. I hope you start to feel better. I was sick for about a week and still have the remains of an awful cough, so I feel for you. :) Peace and Love, Meagan

  5. I hope you are better now.

    Thank you for your comment.

  6. I adopted this's beautiful...Love the fall get better Lady P. Go out there, breath some cool fresh Fall air...and go crush some will do you good..XOXOrly

  7. Oh, I'm sending you virtual chicken noodle soup and a warm cup of tea. Best wishes on a very, very speedy recovery, little lady! :)

  8. hmmm! i don't know you very well but i think this quote is very you. take care of yourself and get well soon!

  9. Hello my darling, I do hope your cold is over and done with and that the rivulets of snot has dried up. I'm back again, and just so you know, even though i'm ghosting, i'm still on here every day (yes.. and addict, but a proud one) so i'm still stalking both you and matt for breathing space. It does work i have to say :)

    Sending lotts of love, and any home remidy you can think of (my favourite:
    one orange - peel still on - sliced
    one lemon - peel still on - sliced
    dump into big big mug
    putt boiling water over it all
    put in honey, as much as you want. this is medicine that should taste good!
    and then take a spoon musch it all around. Enjoy.
    For a more of a numbing effect, add a dollop of whiskey once the water has cooled down a bit ;)

    Love sends his regards, he too carries some bruising from the keyboard eppisode, but we will both be ok.. months of therapy to be sure, but it will all be good.

    Anyway, hugs and kisses and energy bullets sent your way. //M

  10. Dear Lady P! I will indulge you, but oh, do not stay unwell for too long! Drink up your medicine, eat oranges and red and yellow peppers for Vit. C and read a good book to cheer yourself up. I am missing you already. And thanks for the wonderful quote - one wild and precious life - that has made me think - I need to be more courageous. Be a little wilder, Explore more. Cross oceans.


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