Tuesday, October 6, 2009

pumpkins and little knits

i have been away in my little hidey hole
most of the time, sleeping and mending
in front of the cable tv at me mum's
knitting like a mad woman, living on tea and movies
felt like college vacations all over again
minus the boy angst and bad hair choices

incredibly, this pumpkin patch is just in my little corner of life
gourds inscribed with the names of sweet children who live
a mere stone's throw away from this,
the neighborhood pumpkin patch

i am a handcrafter of gifts from way back
winter solstice and christmas
the theme of giving is so resonant with my heart
this little gansey inspired sweater with hat
will be squirreled away until December
for my wee niece of two years

i lived in San Francisco for a decade
and would gladly travel miles to see
the Great Pumpkin rise from the pumpkin patch
now i get to see the round, orange orbs daily
and smell the loamy earth beneath their vines
as they worm across the grounds
seeking sustenance

i am a little bit crazed with impatience
to create a gift for all the loved ones
in time for the holidays
so that i might not spend every night before christmas
laboring away like an elf on amphetamines

on the one hand
life is gloriously rich
full of treasures from my friend's "p" patch
the generous cooking we share with one another
my wealth of local camaraderie
and the art materials i still find in my closet

on the other
my fight for employment of the general persusasion
continues on like a droning voice of frustration
as i cobble together my pennies to make dollars
and my dollars to make sense of things

today, i bask in blue skies, crisp turned up collars
the return of knitwear to the dressing schematic
and the energy to walk a couple of miles
a fresh pot of soup on the range
and a renewed vigor in my step

hello all - i am back
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  1. Lovely! This pumpkin patch has made me very happy...and all of your warm & cozies in it :)

  2. how did you make the names in the pumpkins?.. their amazing. and just so you know, as soon as I'm half way solvent, i'm comming over for a knitting course :D love the sweater and hat, their beutifull.. I love knitted clothes, and since their almost always (H&M variety, knitted on mashines in china by over worked slaves do not count) knitted with love and thought its basically like a hug to wear. Still remember the first sweater my mum let me choose the tread.. purple and pink mottled that was soft as baby's breath. I loved that sweater (way before my black-fase :)) anyway, back, alive, and setting back to work again. Its 12 am/or pm?.. night any time. got stephen fry on the radio and nodding along to funny thoughts. Sending lots of love!

  3. Glad to hear you're back! I was wondering if all was OK. Your reference to "hidey hole" had me chuckling as I've never heard anyone use that expression but myself! Love the sweater and hat... just lovely.

  4. welcome back,Lady P. beautiful pumpkins!

  5. Welcome back, indeed! Make that pumpkin soup. Oh, Lady P, I hope employment stuff gets sorted out soon for you. I have similar worries. Let's forget them for a while. Bring on that soup. It is raining here today.

  6. yay!

    You have been missed, dear Lady.

    In Australia, our pumpkins are too hard to carve, and no one really understands Samhain here, but they blindly go out trick or treating without ever wondering WHY they are celebrating an autumn ritual in spring.

    It's one of my pet peeves.

  7. I love this post, Lady P. Glad you're back!

  8. Lady P,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer going to do my blog. I have a health problem that is making it difficult to continue. I will try and check in on you from time to time.

    Best Wishes, Joann

  9. Lady P, I also heard from Moogie and yes, I'm worried too. Email me please. My email address is on my blog.

  10. oh my gosh what a beautiful sweater and hat, love the colour and how it's done. How lucky to be spending time with your mum. Living on cups and tea and movies sounds wonderful.
    Sending my best
    jafa the brit aka corrine


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