Thursday, October 8, 2009

pull my apron strings, will ya?

no one is tied to my apron strings
except maybe the dog
but that doesn't mean i can't yank on your chain every now and again
rascals one and all
i call this one toadstool/old school

i have the power
the power of the flower/flour
and hell yeah
this girl is not afraid to use it

the apron design is based entirely on a vintage edition i wear and flaunt frequently at home
be on your guard for errant aprons
that come sneaking around corners
tying you in baker's knots
and adding hiding places for those extra cook pounds

after being off my feed for a few days
i am now trying to make up for lost time
baking and a making
storming and a forming
plates to spin
in my cornucopia of industries
may the way be clearer in the days ahead
today the sun shone on
and life was good

psssst! need an apron? these are all over at my esty store...
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  1. "hiding places for those extra cook pounds"... HEE!

    I absolutely love aprons but always forget to put one on. I really just need to put a hook next to the stove and hang on there to remind me of how dirty I get when I cook.

    Those are very pretty Lady P!

  2. These are just wonderful!! Love them!!

    Come on over to my blog for a special award!!!

    Hugs, Silke

  3. Hey girl. Pretty autumn aprons. I love that you have a real dress form. I'm going to post an update about my Halloween costume and you will see what I use.

  4. Glad to hear you're back and as madly creative as ever. Lovely aprons! I have only one apron - it is black and a full one. That works for me because I am a pretty messy cook. I wish I could say I was a pretty AND messy cook, but no. Pretty messy, let's be honest about it. Anyway, here's to Flour Power, and Lady P as our Queen!

  5. Hey sweets cheeks, hanging on to the apron strings by the skin of my teeth :) Love the fall one, it made me think of a very old boardgame.. about fidning mushrooms.. very very old. it had the same colours and style only you got small paper muschrooms to place all over. cant remember much more actually.. hmm.. muchrooms... :P
    we're having a very low week, 2 payments are late (love freelancing) and we're basiclly down to one cup of uncooked rice and a tin of baked beans unless stuff starts comming in on the account soon. And its not like we can take a walk over to mum's kitchen any more and get our grubb on. man i feel grown up one second (no safety net) and like a student the other (no food) :)

    anyway, things will be good soon. Give me more lovely fall colours and anything else you can find. Feeding the soul is as important as the stomach right? :D
    Lottsa love to you my darling! I'm gonna go claim my piece of the blanket now (atleast 80%, i'm a proud hogger :)


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