Friday, September 25, 2009

i got flowers

i got flowers
my girlfriend's mom sent them my way
straight from her garden and heart
to my welcoming eyes and window ledge
males don't always fathom color in a vase
the need to gaze at petals and leaves
but your mates in gender
have your back

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  1. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love the vase you put them in, too.

    Your previous post about plums made me drool a little. I love plums, too, especially in a plum cake my mom and I used to make. Now I won't rest until I find the recipe.

  2. You lucky, lucky woman! Leave it to our girlfriends or their mothers to know that we love flowers and color! These are gorgeous!! Hugs, Silke

  3. lovely come nobody gives me flowers?

  4. Beautiful. I love the vase also.

  5. Such a dreary day here. Thanks for bringing it some lovely color!

  6. lady P, you're ACE! thanks for your ongoing supportive comments on my blog :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  7. So gorgeous, so blowsy, and a vase I would really like to sneek over and steal...

  8. I miss your site too..

    Apart from the blog block, we also had some family issues, so it was a huge six weeks. All good now as you can see.


    Send me your address, I want to mail you something...

    You know the zombie sits by my two teddies in my bedroom, and is the first thing I see every morning...




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