Thursday, September 24, 2009

a world of plums

plum delicious
that's plumtastic

it's a plum job, and i don't mind saying so

plum, and ripe for the picking

my goodness, but don't you look plum rich
done with great aplum
plums and berries, nature's treasures

pounds and pounds of plumbs
i am slow roasting them in a 200 degree oven, cut in half, a quick breeze of butter on their backs for 4 hours in the oven
i am making orangette's plum crumble with hints of ginger (photo above - and serving it to me friends)
i am freezing them for days when i am plumless and pitiful
i am hoarding recipes, like this one at a new blog find, imby & itchy
still harvesting my lovely, free fruits and vegetable finds
for days when the sky is a little bleak
the harvest all gone
and i want a ray of summer fruit shine to light the day
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  1. I love plums! They look so good, Lady P!

  2. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a plummy color so so yummy

  3. I'm not a huge fan of plums myself (well I used to be when I was like a year old) but I liked the second picture :)

    And just shoot me an e-mail for the free reading dear :)

  4. mmmmm.those plums look good!!! I want them fresh..

  5. Lady, it looks like you've gone plum crazy (in a good way, of course... HEE!)

  6. Barnes in a london burough south of the river, where its basically like a little village :) You can google it and "walk" around (google is amazing) we're going there to feed the ducks (and not the pigeons.. I hate pigeons) As for the sleep.. well since i had 13 hours i'm now trying to tell myself that i'm sleepy.. at 3 am.. not working.. buggerit, tomorrow will be a rather big pain in the gazoo.. :/

    hmm.. plums.. my mum used to make wine of plums and razzberries.. and ofcourse stuff meat with it and other fun things. Plums are good for just about everything. I'm having a horrible hankering for that crumble though *drooling gently*
    Lottsa love my darling and more info after tomorrow when i've finished atleast one project. :)

  7. Find the hidden plum my dear Lady P.

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    plume,plumicome,plumiform,plumist,plummet,plump, plumper

  8. this looks delicious!
    yum yum yum
    i'm off to go have a look at the recipe!


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