Tuesday, September 22, 2009

do you every really know?

do you ever really know?
messages sent mysteriously
winds shift and alter paths
sudden storm wrestles old patterns to the ground
light burns where once shadows swam

cock your head slightly askew
view the moment upside down
perceptions need breaking
release your prior rules on permanent parole
smile winningly and sigh deeply

i can see art in every corridor
marvel at the abundance
in life

don't hold too tight this week
what you seek
and what you need
come sometimes
in separate wrapping

PS have i told you this week how cool you all are?
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  1. I was trying to figure out where I knew that pattern from...A MANHOLE COVER...LOL! You rock my world, P :D

  2. hmmnn..street writings..that is so cool!

  3. Love this. I'll try not to hold too tight... Big love, Dx

  4. Hello Dearie, amazing how pretty the ground looks when you let us see it through your eyes. Next time i'm standing on my nose (straight tanslation from swedish, meaning the same thing as "ass over teakettle".. really does not work to well) i'll have a lie down and enjoy the scenery instead of doing the usual jump-up-pretend-it-never-happend ;)
    Thank you for making my days a little brighter and a little more colourfull :)

  5. You're amazing, you see art in the most mundane items.

  6. Hey Lady P! Thanks for posting on my blog because it got me over here to check out yours! I love the genius simplicity and "eye" you have for your shots. And your words are so zen, chickie! And no, until now you HADN'T told me how cool I am! Good thing I checked in!! Looking forward to keeping up witcha!


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