Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's already at home

Sometimes you can't seem to choose.
Overcome by options. Inundated by minutiae.

This is "make do" day.

My "date" for the prom (please, don't let on to Heimlich when you see him - I've got him on prune juice this week because of "irregularities" and I don't think I could take an inquistion from him while he is on the "throne") made me this beautiful corsage/wristlet thingy to wear. It matched my ensemble wonderfully.

I completely forgot to wear it.

Now it's a flower arrangement. I adore it. Makes me happy. My date suggested that this was how I should reincarnate the corsage.

You have everything you need right there, within the confines of your being and all of it's worldly attachments. Make it work. Make it happen.

Create from within.

all the rest is just mindless distractions
and you just don't
have the time

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Monday, June 29, 2009

me love to take photos

Why be shy? What if you just asked for what you wanted every now and again. Shock your staid sensibilities, live in the ever present gaping maw of the now and give forth in abandonment. Forget discretion and flare forward.

Yep - the Stripper Shoes. I call them the F*ck Me Pumps - same thing. Some can navigate the worst of sidewalks in these babies without a quiver or unsteady gate. Others need a hand railing to clutch at for the entire journey.

Wearing these babies you get a whole new perspective. You are perceptively taller, have a great leg line and now people can get a glimpse of your drawers. Hope they're prettier than mine. I am sadly in need of some panty bling. However you slice it - for a minute, before you possibly topple over - you are treading the hot and fast lane. It's a giggle.

This is all we've got folks - make the best of it. Collect what notions you have of yourself and then - give them a run for their money. Make sure they really have street cred and then throw something absolutely silly into the mix.

Find that true inner self.


P.S. - I just ordered all of us a new pair of shoes. They'll come wrapped in brown paper and you'll know what to do with them.
Every wardrobe should have a pair.
F*ck Me Pumps - no longer just for Strippers
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prom Party - really

At any age, going to a prom party can induce the shiver of dress-up anticipation with the fear and potential discouragement of not finding that exact combination of frock and fanfare to flounce about in. I mean - we are girls, we wanna look nice. It's essential.

No dress within my grasp made me wanna grab it and go. The brocade number at home would need an armload of grease and a second pair of hands to get on. What to do , what to do.

Then, in a morning spurt of ingenuity I plumbed the depths of my existing closet and pulled together a silly plan. I would become Mrs. Heimlich Mortimer -

Dance Chaperone.

I left Mr. Mortimer at home that evening, comatose in the vinyl barcalounger that he makes his horizontal home. I sipped from a small flask so that I was fortified to deal with the night's shenanigans. Those young whippersnappers couldn't get anything past me - inebriated or not.My accent was a little broad, my humor even broader. Some friends (giggle) didn't even know it was me.

Prom Night was never so good.
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Color with the full box of crayons





I love serendipity.

Meet Emily Duffy - fellow blogger, artist extraordinaire. I love her work and I only just met her. Two days ago at my favorite haunt. She, up doing the Fremont Fair in an A-frame trailer that is called something like The Candy Shack - where the shingles on the roof are made of NECCO candies, and you can buy all your sweet tooth lovelies from your childhood from an Emily dressed up in her candyware. Friend of a regular at the cafe gathering, up visiting from Cali (I, recently of there myself), and on a course of major life transformation. (I chime in here with a "just like me" he he )

Women, warriors, transforming, transiting, coloring with all of the crayon box.

This is my shout out to the vivacious Emily - nice to have met ya! Come back soon!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

being in the flow

Sometimes you soooo want to already be there, that you are passing over the very process that you need to take, to be engaged in. Like trying on the shoes and running too fast, when you are just really learning how to walk properly. Transformation is a buggerboo.

The color green signifies growth - growth of all kinds. At times we can envy another, try to fit ourselves into their backpocket way of thinking, hoping that it will somehow mold to our needs, that we will just seamlessly blend in. Playing hopscotch with our own pattern of being, and missing a few steps.

We might need a break is all. A moment to breathe in, stretch out the creaky cracks in our necks and bend a look at our belly button. Find our inner gummy bear and say "hey". Let go of some of the plans, and let a little life happen. Okay, maybe another breath and then we'll do that last little bit.

I am trying to find my dancing self again. Salsa in the Summer - my at home dance studio. Brings a silly smile, let's me pretend I can sing in Spanish (which is absolutely not true!), loosens far more than just my body parts.

Message for the Blogosphere:
We are more than just the sum of our parts. We are working warriors with deep causes, and we toil but we are so much more than our labors. Be strong, see the larger lines of life connectivity and give yourself the little breaks to let the sunshine in. You are worthy.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The end of the blues

No one is an island, but sometimes, it feels like maybe you should be - just a little. Otherwise, you might never figure out who you really are. So, I am just about past the longest blue period of my life. But I am not quite out of the water yet - so I am feeling a bit of the blues.

I don't have any noticeable cracks in me, but I need to make sure that I am still completely serviceable - so I better get out the Crazy Glue and go over all of the all of my creases.

There was never a better time for something delightful than now, but as I am still on the ole cleansing and diet ways, I will merely take the delightful photos of the cupcakes and we can all imagine together how cakey gratifying these frosting morsels would be - hmmmmmm.

This dog loves the yarny bits, just like his owner, just like myself. I must return to my yarny roots soon! They are calling me - that will definitely help with the Blues.

Message to the Blogosphere:
Now is not the time to push your limits and run out of fuel. If you fill in just enough, the vehicle will keep going. If you give all you got, you will both stall on the side of the proverbial road.
Tread lightly, even things out, try to be fair - mostly with yourself. But give enough - you know that this is not about being stingy, it's about giving enough out to color the whole picture and not just one little unseen corner.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to think pretty thoughts

Pretty photos, flowers that seem unbearably beauteous, summers that take flight leaving you in breathless wonder - these are the things to bear in mind these days. Okay, so that is my own pep talk, I just thought I would share it with you.

I am still loving the vintage grove I have been sharing here - so, I am just going to keep on rolling. Love the car, want the car. Can I have the car?

Silly Ms. Kinkski thinks she can battle The Joker and win! Why must we always like the bad boys, huh girls? We think we can outwit them, but our hearts start beating for two instead of thinking only of ourselves, and before we know it - our emotions are inflamed, but we are the only ones self-destructing. Sometimes I hate boys - mostly because they should be men by now.

Why despair when summer is about silly fun sometimes? Icecream that you make by hand, romance novels that let you disappear for an afternoon, New Moons that make you want to recreate your own paradigm.

I love astrology - as a way of navigating the waters when I feel I need a little rudder to help guide my sometimes wandering "float".

Molly, dear friend Molly, at About.com writes a great blog here. Check her out, please.

Samantha is trying her chops out and deserves an audience - see her latest here.

Happy Summer Solstice
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I like it when it's old

I am giving you an unauthorized peak at a friend's home - so keep quiet and look quickly, will ya? I love her entire home - most of which she remodeled herself. Oh, she had help - but this gal can pull out the house innards, scrap off the paint, and then recreate the space into a heavenly place to inhabit. She can then sew the curtains for a finishing touch.

Everywhere you look in the kitchen are prime examples of the best of the past. My friend not only collects vintage, she lives it.

The haphazard stacking of Pyrex bowls is like a corner dream of color. I like to hang out in the kitchen. Lots of good food gets made there. It smells good. I feel at home.

Flowers get treated to an old tin can pitcher in lieu of a vase. I am thankful whenever I have a chance to go and spend time at the this yesteryear cottage. Scrolling back to catch the best of what has already gone and reliving it once again.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Baking tins and vintage flair

I take photos everyday - and in every way. The simple becomes my new abstract canvas. It happens in a flash - I look, and I see patterns, colors, reflections, textures and I must act.

My vintage baking tins - found just this year, at a garage sale, and I am LOVING these pans on so many levels, I cannot begin to explain.

The obvious reason - they have a built in device that allows you to oh so easily, detach gently the soft cake from it's baking frame without any trauma or crumbling. Sweet, sweet release. And the pans are gorgeous - I mean, just look at them.

Chocolate Mocha Cake with extra bits of semisweet morsels for a birthday boy. Can we all sigh in unison here at the sight of the almighty chocolate?

Cream cheese chocolate frosting smeared liberally over the three tier cake. I then put it in my handy dandy cake carrier (because you know I have a budding collection of those!) and whisked it off to the party.

Chocolate anything is so, so very chic!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the Pink of it

Went to a birthday bash yesterday at the "Pink Palace" - a friend's home that is a plethora of pink and Strawberry Margaritas. Yummy eye candy, always good food.

Happy Sunday out there and Kudos to my friend, Gabe, who just turned 50 - I am not far behind ya!
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