Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to think pretty thoughts

Pretty photos, flowers that seem unbearably beauteous, summers that take flight leaving you in breathless wonder - these are the things to bear in mind these days. Okay, so that is my own pep talk, I just thought I would share it with you.

I am still loving the vintage grove I have been sharing here - so, I am just going to keep on rolling. Love the car, want the car. Can I have the car?

Silly Ms. Kinkski thinks she can battle The Joker and win! Why must we always like the bad boys, huh girls? We think we can outwit them, but our hearts start beating for two instead of thinking only of ourselves, and before we know it - our emotions are inflamed, but we are the only ones self-destructing. Sometimes I hate boys - mostly because they should be men by now.

Why despair when summer is about silly fun sometimes? Icecream that you make by hand, romance novels that let you disappear for an afternoon, New Moons that make you want to recreate your own paradigm.

I love astrology - as a way of navigating the waters when I feel I need a little rudder to help guide my sometimes wandering "float".

Molly, dear friend Molly, at writes a great blog here. Check her out, please.

Samantha is trying her chops out and deserves an audience - see her latest here.

Happy Summer Solstice
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  1. I love your pretty thoughts and beautiful photos! That vintage car is so great - love the color! and the ice cream speaks for itself...:) Silke

  2. Thank you for the shout out :) You are a super sweet lady. And I love Ms. Kinkski's hair! Reminds me of my JEM doll I have up in my closet :) I really enjoy your photos, it's too bad you don't live near me, otherwise I'd have you take some photos for me! And this entry has made me fall in love with summer even more so than I was all ready today :)

  3. PS: Thanks for recommending Molly's blog! She is a very interesting read!

  4. Aren't those roses heaven? Like raspberry ripple ice cream. Such a pretty post...


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