Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prom Party - really

At any age, going to a prom party can induce the shiver of dress-up anticipation with the fear and potential discouragement of not finding that exact combination of frock and fanfare to flounce about in. I mean - we are girls, we wanna look nice. It's essential.

No dress within my grasp made me wanna grab it and go. The brocade number at home would need an armload of grease and a second pair of hands to get on. What to do , what to do.

Then, in a morning spurt of ingenuity I plumbed the depths of my existing closet and pulled together a silly plan. I would become Mrs. Heimlich Mortimer -

Dance Chaperone.

I left Mr. Mortimer at home that evening, comatose in the vinyl barcalounger that he makes his horizontal home. I sipped from a small flask so that I was fortified to deal with the night's shenanigans. Those young whippersnappers couldn't get anything past me - inebriated or not.My accent was a little broad, my humor even broader. Some friends (giggle) didn't even know it was me.

Prom Night was never so good.
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  1. Hilarious!! I would have love to have seen this in crack me up :)

  2. That small flask that you very lady-like sipped from. Was it silver with the name Moogie engraved upon its surface? Ah... silly me, I forgot that I slipped it into Elvis's pants the other night.

  3. grrl, you are a chip off the old block.. I love it.. we do that all the time with our friends...alternate characters..complete with bios and everything. So liberating.. I want to see more of Ms. Mortimer.

  4. Goodness gracious...this is hilarious!! I never would have thought of something so rich! GO YOU! :)

    I hope it was fabulous!


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