Monday, June 29, 2009

me love to take photos

Why be shy? What if you just asked for what you wanted every now and again. Shock your staid sensibilities, live in the ever present gaping maw of the now and give forth in abandonment. Forget discretion and flare forward.

Yep - the Stripper Shoes. I call them the F*ck Me Pumps - same thing. Some can navigate the worst of sidewalks in these babies without a quiver or unsteady gate. Others need a hand railing to clutch at for the entire journey.

Wearing these babies you get a whole new perspective. You are perceptively taller, have a great leg line and now people can get a glimpse of your drawers. Hope they're prettier than mine. I am sadly in need of some panty bling. However you slice it - for a minute, before you possibly topple over - you are treading the hot and fast lane. It's a giggle.

This is all we've got folks - make the best of it. Collect what notions you have of yourself and then - give them a run for their money. Make sure they really have street cred and then throw something absolutely silly into the mix.

Find that true inner self.


P.S. - I just ordered all of us a new pair of shoes. They'll come wrapped in brown paper and you'll know what to do with them.
Every wardrobe should have a pair.
F*ck Me Pumps - no longer just for Strippers
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  1. Like your lively blog - my first visit - will be back. Bye for now.


  2. Tee Hee...what a way for me to kick off my day!! (ps...I could never wear those, I'd break something...not hearts...)!

  3. Ha Ha. Great shoe review! Thanks for stopping my blog as well and your kind words about my brother's health. Have a good week :)

  4. "Find that true inner self and then ROCK IT!"
    Great words to live by, my friend :)
    And I cannot even walk in regular heels! I have to have the 2-3 inch heels or flats (preferrably flats!). I love how shoes are designed, but I am all about comfort and being able to walk lol.

  5. Hmmmm - can I have my pair in shiny red patent leather please?

  6. he he he..I agree... and then to walk in them is the trick.. to carry them off and give them the justice a good pair of shoes deserve.

  7. Love it. Those shoes drive me crazy, I wish I could get my wife to wear 'em.


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