Friday, June 26, 2009

being in the flow

Sometimes you soooo want to already be there, that you are passing over the very process that you need to take, to be engaged in. Like trying on the shoes and running too fast, when you are just really learning how to walk properly. Transformation is a buggerboo.

The color green signifies growth - growth of all kinds. At times we can envy another, try to fit ourselves into their backpocket way of thinking, hoping that it will somehow mold to our needs, that we will just seamlessly blend in. Playing hopscotch with our own pattern of being, and missing a few steps.

We might need a break is all. A moment to breathe in, stretch out the creaky cracks in our necks and bend a look at our belly button. Find our inner gummy bear and say "hey". Let go of some of the plans, and let a little life happen. Okay, maybe another breath and then we'll do that last little bit.

I am trying to find my dancing self again. Salsa in the Summer - my at home dance studio. Brings a silly smile, let's me pretend I can sing in Spanish (which is absolutely not true!), loosens far more than just my body parts.

Message for the Blogosphere:
We are more than just the sum of our parts. We are working warriors with deep causes, and we toil but we are so much more than our labors. Be strong, see the larger lines of life connectivity and give yourself the little breaks to let the sunshine in. You are worthy.
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  1. Beautiful photos and beautiful message :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love all the color on your blog, both in words and images -- a real tonic for the soul!

  3. Beautiful photos...My boys have those sneakers :)
    Red, green, and a plaid pair for Ben...great pics!

  4. Boggie on down darling, I'm doing the muppet dance (sitting down, granted, but its past 12 here, so i'm stationary now :) in your name and for my own good.
    Keep the colours comming ;) //M


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