Monday, June 22, 2009

Baking tins and vintage flair

I take photos everyday - and in every way. The simple becomes my new abstract canvas. It happens in a flash - I look, and I see patterns, colors, reflections, textures and I must act.

My vintage baking tins - found just this year, at a garage sale, and I am LOVING these pans on so many levels, I cannot begin to explain.

The obvious reason - they have a built in device that allows you to oh so easily, detach gently the soft cake from it's baking frame without any trauma or crumbling. Sweet, sweet release. And the pans are gorgeous - I mean, just look at them.

Chocolate Mocha Cake with extra bits of semisweet morsels for a birthday boy. Can we all sigh in unison here at the sight of the almighty chocolate?

Cream cheese chocolate frosting smeared liberally over the three tier cake. I then put it in my handy dandy cake carrier (because you know I have a budding collection of those!) and whisked it off to the party.

Chocolate anything is so, so very chic!

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  1. Hi, sweetie pie, from La Belle France. I think jealousy is the lowest human emotion, and yet you tantalise me with these fabulous tins! What a find. I did find some little Christmas cake moulds in a flea market here which I'm going to thread with ribbon and hang on our tree this year - this softens the blow of the pure envy that courses through my veins as I look at your gorgeous pics. Bisous, Dx

  2. this delicious post was exactly what i needed to see this morning

  3. LOOK at that gorgeous tower of chocolatey goodness...oh my!! I'm seriously having some pan envy over here...I love them!

  4. Dear Lady P, I am in a swoon. Your baking tins are divine - my mom had some like that with the little handle thingie that detaches the cake. But oh goodness, the cake... The Cake!! I am coming over RIGHT NOW. Save me a slice - lots of frosting for moi please ... (PS I can see that the scale will appeal to you. I bought a lovely old vintage jelly mould last year at the car boot sale, I just love old kitcheny stuff like that. And old tins.)

  5. Those are some sexy baking pans! This is what I love about garage sales... the hidden treasures!

  6. OMG those are awesome!!I remember my Granny having these lol

    I LOVE your blog!! I just found it tonight and have skimmed(I'll be up all night looking at it if I don't turn off the laptop now lol)

    SO fascinating and just plain interesting!! I love the colors you use on your text too!! fun!

    I'll be back! Keep up the great work..You made my day!

    P.S. I love your garage sale friends lol
    AND the peek into your friend's vintage kitchen! I have a lot of vintage kitchen stuff-I'd love to see her kitchen in person haha

  7. Your photos are fab, and hum, that cake sooooooooooooo delish!


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