Monday, October 19, 2009

wormy and squirmy came to rest upon a cake

the worms crawl in
the worms crawl out
if you want a cute cupcake
you are in the wrong crowd

some visitors fly in the face of squirmy, wormy fare
Flat Moogie, visiting from moogieland
is completely aware
and still has not a care
as long as she gets chocolate on demand
and all rights to the licking spoon

this is where the ucky, yucky baked cakes met their final resting place
the festivities were on and the crowd was smacking their lips
many of the cup sized morsels would be but a brief but sinfully sweet memory

wanna make some of these graveyard delights?

First -
use a cake mix, follow the directions for cupcakes, but put some LUV into it girls, add chocolate milk instead of water, or buttermilk and when it comes to the oil - maybe use that stuff we call butter

Then -
take an 8oz of cream cheese (okay, this could be lowfat), room temperature, and half a bag of semisweet chocolate chips that you have melted carefully on a double boiler on the stove. whip together, add a teaspoon of vanilla for good measure, and approx. 3 cups of powdered sugar. frost right away.

Decorate -
with crumbled oreo cookies (about 7, without the creamy middles), and some gummi sour worms. makes it look like death warmed over at the cemetery.

Flat Moogie will be visiting madlycreative for a few days - so stay tuned to her crazy antics. she is from the south - who knows what that might end up being...


  1. cake mix??

    You use all that gorgeous topping ingredients and waste it on cake mix??

    Clearly it's all about the topping..

    looks delightfully disgusting.

  2. Dirt & worms!! A favorite around here :)

  3. Cute is in the eye of the beholder and I think these cupcakes are adorable!

    Did Flat Moogie survive the trip?

  4. oh darling, I love the cuppies, and the maggots. once you get to London (or I ever brave the wild west, the guns and extensive water) I will teach you the swedish childrens song about eating worms.

    The translation beeing:
    no one likes me
    No one wants me
    just cos i like worms
    Long and sticky
    short and slimy
    i put them in a box
    I bite of their heads
    chew up their bodies
    and then i toss the skin away
    noone likes me
    no one wants me
    just because of liek worms.

    Good song for holloween? *grins* and in swedish it rimes :D

    anyway, i know about the hiding away. We've just managed to pay rent, we're doing what we can to make the next one. It does not make for easy living this :P
    anyway, with a bit of luck (and ofocurse damned hard work) tings will ease up. and i'll get back to writing. Since all i've got to write about at htis point is work, i simply spare the rest of the world the boredom ;)
    Sending lots of love, and zapping over some energy bolts, thinking of you queen of colour and chocklate.

  5. Moogie looks so very happy supervising the baking of the wormy cupcakes. Be aware, she may eat you out of house and home.

    I forgot to tell you that she can also be a bit bossy. In addition to all her charms, she snores like a drunken sailor. And while in the shower, her singing sounds like an amorous tomcat.

  6. omg that looks so delicious@!!! must try that!

  7. Hey Lady P - I can see your sweet face peeping out from your new profile pic! I am not so sure about the wormy cupcakes. My imagination is way too vivid and as I swallow my first biteful I'm going to imagine all kinds of horrible slimy slitherings going down my throat. But I will take down the recipe for that decadent topping ...


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