Wednesday, October 21, 2009

holiday halloween

grrrrrr i can't get to everything
i could screaaaaamm
bear with me as i try to keep it clean here
hapless, helpless in the week's routine
i am soo off my mark
but it could be worse than what it seems

just enough time to fit in a few pics of the neighbors cool place
brew up something spicy to make me step up my pace

rats! nearly forgot that i have projects up my sleeve

nothing you haven't figured on
you who are regular to the scene
but i am keeping it seasonal
you know me
it's like i'm a halloween teen

my first at making cards for this scary fun time
must say that i am partial
to the most witchy of kinds

my visitor, Flat Moogie who hails from another land
is hanging with some creepsters
as only she can
she is drinking far too much grog
keeps me up late at night
and my candycorn goes missing
morning, noon and night

message to the blogosphere:
don't despair, even though you feel that you are wearing down
take special care, the change is in the wind
felt in the very air
but you just need to bear and grin it for the moment
cuz that is what is here
(but nothing is forever, and don't we all know it)


  1. I LOVE the witchie cards!

    That Flat Moogie is quite the character I see. You best be locking up the booze and the candy corn tonight.

  2. Love your new profile pic!! And I so know what you mean about not having enough time to do everything you want to! I haven't been to your blog in a while - feel like I can't get it all done!! So good to be visiting... Love, Silke

  3. I love all those halloween decors! specially the ceramic jack-o lantern!

  4. I LOOOOOOVE your halloweeny/fall cards!! If only it weren't too close...Love 'em, though :D

    Look at that flat Moogie...what a character!

  5. Lady P, I can't believe you haven't kicked Flat Moogie out on her flat-ass. She'll sponge off of you forever if you let her. Pap won't let her back in our house. He said that he can't handle two Moogies. So I'm thinking she needs to go on a round the world adventure.


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