Sunday, October 18, 2009

just what did i "fall" into?

where do i go when it's fall and the skies never dry?
hibernation with a pair of knitting needles
and a slew of good movies
stir in a good book or two
chased down with a cup of hot tea
heaven on earth

doing stuff to pay the bills
making stuff to put under december's tree
writing a second blog about my town
can take a girl right away from the blog she loves best

wet woods
darker skies
shorter days
woollies and toes warmers
battling bugs that come back around and again
sending summer cottons scooting to the back of the clothing den

hooting owls
shot last winter
encased in hand painted frames
and knit i-cord and fallen twigs
i haven't been lazy, you see
just jumbled up in the changing of the season guard
confused by the fading sun
still reinventing my wheel
and, well, hibernating

Message to the Blogosphere:
what better time than now to perfect your craft, whatever that may be
enjoy the solace of your own endeavors. cobble together hours of elaborate, creative fun or just simply feed your mind with threads of thought that tug at your imagination and soul
sheesh - what are you waiting for? this hear is your invitation to explore
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  1. Beautifully said... LOVE IT!!

  2. The hibernating bug is starting to bite at me too.

    I can't wait to read about Flat Moogie's adventures with you!

  3. textures and wood! its officially fall season!


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