Monday, June 1, 2009

Yes, a little yarn bombing would be nice, please

Okay - mission accomplished! I have been wanting to do my "art installation" work for sometime now (check out this link here and here for previous yarn mischievousness). I kinda fell off my own favorite bandwagon (the yarn bombing, knit graffiti bandwagon that is), but it was never far from my heart or spirit. Ahh, the dreams I dream for my little town. If I had it my way, they would never know what hit them and then be catapulted to pseudo-fame in the realms of the the "craftivists" (yeah, that's crafty folk with an anarchist bent, that is!) People would flock to see the wee bits of yarn stuck in uncommon local spots and smile happily, content in the knowledge that soft and fluffy graffiti was spreading like tribbles.

If you want to be inspired, visit one of my favorite spots here and receive your call to arms. excuse me, yarns. You could even be taught how to act out yarnfully right here, by reading a book about the incredible manifestation of this radical craft.

This is a pole that is topped with an information plaque explaining about local plant life and their importance to we human's existence. Art, in it's various forms, is also life nurturing. Besides, the pole was currently available (though, did request we not post it's number or any other personal information).

I drove by a few minutes ago - it is still up, in tact, has so far escaped the dreaded parks department militia and hopefully attracting a few bemused looks.

Ahhhh - onto more acts of radical craftiness.
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  1. I absolutely adore you for doing this!! I've always wanted to wake up to find a tree in my yard like this!! I saw a photo of a tree completely wrapped once and I was so envious of whoever got to look at that tree everyday!! You rock...I must learn to knit!

  2. This is wonderful -I love it. You should do more, your knitting should start popping up in unexpected places all round town.

  3. ooh..'s a new word for us to use. Great. Love the fact the pole didnt want her ID out there.. she is so cute. Hope we get updates on her welfare.


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