Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Color code

Color consciousness - I was drawn to the same colors all day this past weekend, and this had nothing to do with the slammed finger in the door ( which is a nice shade of purple today, thank you). I just got home, downloaded the photos and thought " here now - what's this lovely bit of unexpected tonal serendipity ?".

Have you ever been to Sienna, Italy? The place where the walls of the city match those charcoal pencils you use in art classes. Years before exploration of the wild world beyond leads you to realize that there is earth that actually matches the pencil you so inexpertly wield in your hand. This color reminds me of Italia.

While in Italy once I had a phenomenal experience with the number 8 - and life was greatly changed after that. I have an 18 kt gold, commissioned in Florence, number 8 charm to help reclaim that poignant moment for me. The above shot is all about memories for me - good memories.

Walking with friends, who hold my paper cup full of ice to sooth my "slammed in the door" digit. Somehow I manage with the rest of my fingers to take random photos that draw me every few yards I walk. My friends wait with patience and understanding. My antics never seem too unreasonable or strange to them. God, I love them.

Biggest score of the weekend - two huge tubs full of neglected yarn and semifinished projects. I need more yarn like another hole in the head - but home it goes. Packaged up candidates to donate to the local senior center, the rest separated by tone and color. What to do to make less than pretty yarn shout love me?

Pom Poms!

I am on a knitting graffiti roll this month - I will be arting out everyday - and this found treasure will be the source of my creative craftivism. Thanks for the gifted materials, Universe.

The Universe provides - even when we feel somehow adrift. Small answers to larger, still pending questions. But I will play with my new toys, smile and dedicate time to the cause. Ever hopeful that a bigger picture is unfolding, but in sure knowledge that today - I have a mission, however small.
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  1. Hey lovely, come on over to my place. I've left you a little present at Licked Spoon Mansions...

  2. Aw, that was a touching post...and yes, I've been to my dreams. That is my "some-day" destination. Gorgeous photos and lovely find!!

  3. oh!
    Stash score! I love those older yarns.. and pom poms can be very addictive.

  4. Oh, pompoms! They are such happy creatures, aren't they? Now that 8 sounds like an amazing story - maybe you will share it with us one day? The guerilla knitting in the post below is SO awesome - I LOVE it - I want to do it! Only here someone will probably remove it to wear as a scarf or something. Oh, your little town can be PROUD of you, dear Lady P!
    PS I love that you proposed "never mind" to go on the cushions - I might still use that!

  5. I love your ending to the blog about the universe providing. I am still learning that lesson but I do know that it's true (if that makes sense).

    And very lovely photos by the way :)

  6. OMG... those pom poms are a flashback from the past for me! I remember making these when I was younger!


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