Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get me to the greenery!

Oh, we're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave
(music tinkling in the background).

So, I put on a dress and a pair of striped knickers in case anyone could see my nether regions and hopped on my bike for pretty much the whole day. It was the best way to keep cool, keep my sanity and work on my sincere desire to be able to sport a two piece this year (gravity, "feminine changes" and my baking possibly working against me on this score- damn!)

I took some of my new *loot* from the yarn bin out to do a little yarn bombing that crafty event when a pair of knitting needles and a splash of yarn collide with an unsuspecting post, bike rack or tree limb. It was marvelous fun to sit in the shade and knit.

You know what they say about the goddess Aphrodite, the birds and the bees and whatall? I saw more couples walking hand in hand, all dreamy eyed in that park that I wondered if, truly, human mating season was not upon us. If we had a season. Lord, that park must be famous for it. Never got the memo.

You know how it goes - you wear a color, you are attracted all day to things that are that color - all of a sudden I notice that my yarn and I match!

I was so lucky! From my grassy perch I spied just the place to put my knit up. It wasn't planned, but just more of that lovely serendipity that in fact does seem to be flowing this week.

The parks department were out mowing the grass initially - but me and the knitting outlasted that - and soon we were home free to put the wee bit of knit graffiti in it's new place. Dreaded Parks Dept. - take all the fun out of the fuzzy art.

Look - it matches!

Isn' t this just such a pretty spot?

Close up of the lovely pink ruffle that signifies its girlish pride.

Oh my! ( she thinks hurriedly, blushing a bit) If this truly is the mating season - maybe this is a knit up's way of signaling that they are, well, you know - uhmmm, interested in being chatted up?

Better run by and check that things haven't gotten to out of hand at the park there.


  1. So fun! And such soft and dreamy colors...ahhhh. You must make many people smile when they spot your lovely wrap while walking hand in hand through that park :D

  2. I'm a new follower, and I just wanted to say that, so far, I love your blog!
    I am also a craftivist, and I am always looking for more inspiration.

  3. so WHAT is that amazing stitch there?? Its lovely! And do the parks guys really remove it?
    You need to tag in areas that are more street art friendly..

  4. I love the colours, I love your shoes and I loved reading about your adventure :)


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