Thursday, June 4, 2009

what day is it?

Can you believe that it is June already?

I am in disbelief. I think that as I age the seasons are definitely getting shorter. There are just not enough hours in the day. I never get enough done, even if I burn the candle at both ends. I eat less and gain more. I am certain that I am now a mere mortal, and I think about how many years I have left to get the things I think need doing done.

But, I still can rally a thankful list of whatnots, and praise the day, seeings how I am lucky enough to still have one.

1. I am going grey (everywhere, if you catch my drift) but I still have all of my hair, and have a list of people who would like to "borrow" my tresses for parties, special nights out, senior (citizen) proms

2. I have a good belly laugh at least once a day - and I mean, silly and loud and make my Mom slightly wince (if she is around) type of laugh - and that is a distinct pleasure ( the laugh, not the Mom thing - the Mom thing is just, well, slightly annoying. She still tries to "shush" me, like I was seriously damaging her reputation - I mean, are they going to throw her out of the game club cuz her daughter is known to guffaw indiscreetly!?)

3. I painted my own toenails today - and they look pretty good. Amateur hour over here at chez Lady P - got to reserve the very limited resources!

4. I get slices of Mango cake and awards from people (here) and I couldn't be happier about it!

5. After living many years abroad, I have family around me now, and it is a blessing. My Mom is a blessing. I had forgotten what it was like to have people who really care nearby. When you slam you finger in the door, they care. The next day, they look at your booboo and ask how you are. Can't buy that kind of happiness.

6. I am kinda fond of this whole blogging thing - and you - whoever you are that is reading this - well, thank you for visiting. I hope you have a nice list of "thankfuls" yourself. Feel free to share some ......

because, you can

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  1. Omg! You have to participate in one!!! They are so fun! That was my first one which was hosted by Love and Photographs ( (Dionne at also does one.)She did a posting asking for anyone interested in swapping, and then she created partners... and voila! The swap begins! You have about 2-3 weeks to prepare and swap!
    You really should do the next one, anyone would be lucky to get some of your goodies!

  2. Aw, nice post...I'll definitely take some time to count my blessings today...hopefully every day! :D Have a great one!!

  3. Oh, just what I needed on a frazzled Friday afternoon. I love this post, dear. I'm pleased to have the internet, after it decided to abandon me for the best part of today, just so I can reflect on your lovely post. I'm happy that I scored a gorgeous, river green ceramic colander for pennies in the charity shop today. I'm happy that after two hours peeling beets which left my hands stained like a axe murderer with no acess to soap, my dog loves me anyway and keeps nudging me to scratch his little head. I'm happy that I have a bowl of perfect raspberries and a little jug of cold, thick cream just waiting for me in the kitchen...

  4. I think I will do this in my next blog entry :) Thanks for the idea! :)
    And I can't believe it's June all ready either. Do you think time is just going by faster than normal? And there may be some sort of "higher reason" behind it?

  5. yup... about the grey all over...that sucks, doesn't it? Time to pull out the wax jar...


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