Friday, June 5, 2009

I'll be missing you!

I am detoxing - no, nothing as bad as all that (images of Robert Downey in rehab, be gone!)

No - I just have been a little more, well, round in places than I would like to be. I am blaming it on the Carbs. You know them - you invite them to dinner, you try to serve something healthy, but before you know it they are forcing their luscious desert on you before the appetizer has even been served. Carbs never met a green colored leafy thing they ever liked - aren't even partial to festive colored jimmies sprinkled about either, come to think of it.

Just days ago I was laboring over my third quadruple batch of blonde brownies and giving them away as fast as I could - okay, a few got kept at home. Probably a few too many.

I write a blog about my little town - and occasionally eat out to and see what all the fuss is about. Sigh - I will miss those outings. For a wee minute - or two. Boy, those fries were good... damn you luscious looking carbs!

I needed motivation - think off stage right, director yelling "imagine it's summer, and hot and you are putting on your two piece for a late night dip". What!!??? The two piece has shrunk, the beach coverup seems a wee bit short, and I really hate, ohhhhh loathe, the process of buying the "I need a larger size" suit.

Nope - just not gonna do it. SOooo, I am detoxing, feeling rather s l o w and meh, but I am determined.

(Love and a Licked Spoon - I will have to bake with you another day - and I will get there, have no fear. I will send a shot of me with a slice of Mango Upside Down Cake before the summer is through.)
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  1. Ooooh, I hear you (and I hear that luscious burger, calling my name too...mmmmm). But fear not, I'm off to France again next Friday so expect lots of salads and fish to balance out the cake festival that often takes over the foyer of Licked Spoon Mansions.

  2. uhuh..

    I did the helps if you increase your protien, you crave less... and forget starting any of this if your pre menstrual...just forget it.

  3. Oh, I can relate to this so much. About two years ago I took myself in hand and lost 11 kgs in about 8 months - no special diet - just worked out my BMI, went on a website to see how many kJ I needed per day for my age and activity level to maintain my weight, and what the level of kJ was per day for me to safely lose weight. I counted the kJ and if my amount for the day was used up, well, that was it! The great thing is that I could eat/drink anything, but smaller amounts of them;, and of course, when you have only so many kJ to play around with, you soon learn that you can eat LOTS of salady things and veggies for the same amount of kJ as half a slice of btread with butter on it! I never weighed food - just kind of guessed, and religiously wrote up everything I ingested to keep track (that part is important - every cup of tea, sweet, gherkin counts!) After a month or so of getting used to this, I cut out all sugar (none in my tea or cereal), wine (which I love) and butter/marg and most bread, also switched to skim milk only - which speeded up the process. A little too much perhaps as friends were starting to get worried that I was going to melt away! So about a year ago I started relaxing a bit - I am drinking wine again (although much less than previously), will now and then use butter or eat a biscuit or chocolate. I've picked up about 2 kg in the last year, but I think now my weight is quite settled and my eating habits healthy and easily maintainable. I still make a big salad for lunch - even in winter. And I keep an eye on my weight - I can always pull in the reins a bit and start counting kJs again when it becomes necessary - because I now know it's doable!

  4. I am sorry to hear that you're on the wagon. Perhaps, being the evil person that I am, I can lure you over to the dark-side with my (You Only Live Once Deadly Chocolate Muffins.)

  5. I try not to be a quitter, so...I'm just gonna stick with my carbs (and grumble along the way). I love your mushroom jar...too cute. And Linzer cookies, don't even get me started ;)

  6. The average woman is to take in 45 carbs per meal. Carb counting isn't a very hard diet at all and you can pretty much eat whatever you want as long as it's within the 45 carb limit. Thought I'd let you know that :) But good luck detoxing! :)

  7. OOo.. this is rough! But every now and then I feel the need to do the same! I throw in a solid fruit day after I feel like I've gone overboard the day before. I didn't realize it was such a habit till my kids at school started bringing me fruit.. They would say, "ms... when is your next fruit day"!

    And you need to join the photo class.. you're so good at observing all the lil' moments!


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