Monday, June 8, 2009

Yarny Blarney

I feel like a wee bit of a yarn leprechaun - spreading her rainbow of fiberous "gold" about my town. This is a photo of my recently secured yarn stash for arting out that I got the last weekend, along with my damaged little index finger (which twinges now but has finally allowed me back to my knitting needles these last two says - whew!)

My living room was taken over by balls of yarn rolling, crawling everywhere. I always need some kind order after awhile - otherwise my sanity starts to become unhinged. Just a little bit - so that things don't look too out of hand - like, I have lost my sanity and it's more important for the yarn to have a life than for me to be able to sit down anywhere.

So, I color coordinated them, and began putting them in yarn "cairns" - but I really needed more than that effort - they were so keen to run away ( it's summer and everything seems to be mating).

This is the knit up that was meant to go up days ago (boo hoo) but will just have to wait until tomorrow. It goes on a pole that has free poop bags for humans walking their dogs. It's meant to say Dog's Best Friend - you' ll get it when you see it up tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

This is a sly little peek at what I am sending to Grrl + Dog for the upcoming installation at the museum next month. Some of the locals saw me working on it down at the cafe today - they were getting mighty excited to see a bit of the town make it all the way across the globe. Yeah knitting!

When I scored all the unloved yarn last weekend, I also scored a lot of little bits of knitting a crochet that are fast becoming the base and springboard off which I jump into my Knit Ups for my Yarn Bombing. A lot of work still goes into each piece, but I pick up stitches and knit around the found bits that I have - makes for a more interesting piece of work. Some Knit Ups have both crochet AND knitting - like the little blue and pink piece out in the park (that is what that lovely stitch was, Grrl, a bit of salvaged crochet!)

Alas - the lovely little girly bit of knit graffiti has already left the park - at whose hands, I have yet to know. My other bit on the pole with the sign is still happily puttering along.

I outed myself as a "knit tagger" to my favorite man in blue - and he couldn't imagine why anyone would want to mess with my heartfelt "installations". But he is sworn to secrecy - but, hey, that is one more soul for Yarnachy!

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  1. hee hee hee...can't wait to see the next installment :) YARNARCHY!!!!

  2. I love the color coordinated yarn "cairns". The assorted balls of rainbow hues look like genetic altered Tribbles purring in their colorful little nests.

  3. I feel like this with my sewing stuff... I just started experimenting... and I'm having a heck of time with my bobbin! Needless to say, I have shredded thread everywherrrre!
    But still so much fun!

  4. I am sooo there with you on sortin gout the yarn, it has taken over my house and the white flag has been raised.

    So your knit was taken down? SO fast? know you are training your area to a new way to see knit, you brave grrrl.

  5. You have quite a lot of yarn! I bought some 100% wool at a sale the other day - discontinued colours - raspberry and a kind of lilac and light blue - I want to crochet some granny squares - looked them up on the Internet - it can't be that difficult, can it? But I haven't yet decided what to make from the granny squares. Hmmmmm.
    PS Yes, we call them car boot sales because people pack up all their junk in their car's boot and then park their cars in a predetermined spot, e.g. a parking area, or a field, and sell their junk. We also have garage sales - but that is when you sell from your own property. Hope to see some lovely knitted dolls on your blog soon!


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