Wednesday, June 10, 2009

art where you live

I walk the dog, I use the provided poop mitt when needed
I art where I live.

I just follow my bliss. Connect the yarn bits I have with the site that comes unbidden to my attention and then do the knitty thing. The knitbits ask to be put where they go - I am only the Knit Channel, I just do what I am told.

After being days behind my pledge to knit out daily ( I blame my wonky, index finger for wanting an unpaid holiday and lagging behind when the car door got closed) - so I was a knitter with a mission to get my latest bit of arting out up and visible. (Poop mitt dispenser above!)

Today, I had an accomplice (who shall remain anonymous, of course) who provided lookout and warned me of any stray red trucks that signaled the approach of the dreaded Parks Dept. Alas, they were everywhere today. I put it up and prayed.

Seriously, I have not seen so many of them in 2 square blocks for DAYS. Huh.

Hours of work - preciously few moments of real life appreciation for the tender love by which it was born, knit up love knows no boundaries with me.

The yarn force is with me - my knitting light saber ever ready by my side. The fight has just begun - and the dark side will not subdue the Fiber Within.

Post Script - tonight at 9:30, the dog and I strolled by the scene of the knit crime, and all was still well in the "yarniverse".
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  1. LOL! You crack me up :) Still hoping someone with the force will gift me with a yarn wrap on my front tree!

  2. You rock! Guerilla knitting/arting is the best. This had me giggling. Thanks for stopping by my bog. I'll definitely be back to visit yours!

  3. hmm... the YARN is strong with this one...

    hope it stays up!


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