Monday, February 23, 2009

Yarn Bombing in my zipcode

Yarn Bombing in Renton - are we finally getting "ahead of the curve" ? This fiendish fiberness was found at South Third Street in our downtown - what used to be our main drag and the home of "The Loop" - where juiced up cars would cruise in circles and people would socialize while behind the wheel. Now there be new shenanigans here on the street - arting up the environment. Letting the locals know that we have not all gone to sleep or forgotten how to occasionally act out.
Knitted and crocheted beauties adorn this tree of choice as well as some good ole yarn wrapping on some lone branches and tree trunks.

No incriminating photos can be shown here. Word is, the Parks Department were johnny on the spot of the Art Out and asking for said art to be taken down asap. Humph!
The beauty of Arting Out is the people that come by to interact with the work. Folks exclaiming their delight and support, the smiles from passersby and the honking of horns as the work brightens someone's day with the unexpectedness of a colorfully dressed tree. It's still considered a crime - an act of knitting graffiti, a bit of art anarchy. For a gray and still overcast Monday - I think it is more like a scenic blessing.


  1. love the crocheted purple and pink flower, this was a fun knit!

  2. love, love, love it!!! Love the PEACE knitted in there!


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