Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Life of a Knitting Anarchist can be a frustrating one....

Lone pom poms hanging way out on limbs, dancing in the breeze of oncoming traffic and curious pedestrians.
"The Man" in the guise of the Parks Dept. coming to talk turkey about the dos and don'ts of artistic expression in the streets of our town. He finally got his way.
Knit Up Kit, Arting Out manifesto written in fiber, anarchy of the knitters tools of trade - we have a lot more where this came from = there are those amongst us who have yet to feel the thrill of defying the rules and lashing out creatively. The tree, as of this morning, has been shorn. Hear tell 4 big Park Dept. guys had to climb the tree to bring the yarn to it's knees - to snip the ties of the collaborative work that bound us together for whimsical moment and remove the traces of art.

There will be other days - there will be other trees -


  1. my heart aches for that poor tree ... I imagine it misses it's finery.

    thanks for posting the previous shots as that was one STELLAR contribution!

  2. oh my, what a serious lack of humor here... i so love your creation -- the tree must have been postively ecstactic to wear such gorgeous creations! sigh... here's to another day of guerilla-ing...

  3. Love the attempt!! Glad to see another creative blogger so close to my zipcode. I'm in Maple Valley. I am dying to create a Guerilla Knit...need to learn to knit first!! : )



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