Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yarn + Anarchy = Yarnachy

I called for a community Yarn Bombing - and it rained, then it slushed, then it snowed and my troops huddled inside and called for a "do over". Yesterday was sunny with blue skies and warm air that brushed our freely exposed body parts. We weren't really believing the weather man and his promises of more of the white stuff.
My knit up, however, demanded to be seen and so I took off the gloves and got down to business. The bright pink, yellow and green will inspire more acts of artistic exuberance, I am certain. So the word "Hope" says it all.
Just when you thought you should head in and cover yourself with the quilt, the sun shone. The others, however, had gone home already to warm their toes, eat soup and ponder how they would add splendor to the tree at a later, and warmer time.
The tree is loved and inspiring to us all - an Empress Tree - and that, at the end of the day, is all that matters
Joyful installation - private property with happy supporters of the arts cheering all the way. Pooh on you, Mr. Parks Dept. - you will just have to sit this one out.


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