Saturday, March 14, 2009

And while it was still cold, she continued to knit hats

My brother's favorite holiday film is A Christmas Story, and we will all watch it with him at least once over the holidays when it plays for 24 hours straight on a TV station that obviously holds it in as high a regard as he does. When my friend, Miss Aimeekins caught sight of it - there was a loud squeal. She and my brother, it seems, belonged to the same fan club. In a moment of weakness, I agreed to make her just such a hat sometime.
Sometime finally came. And it did snow at least 2 more times since she received the hat, so in my book it was still, like, holiday weather. Aimee could still pretend to be an elf in need of a warm hat. I could still pretend that I was working on only slightly belated Christmas gifts.
The hat was a great success. Aimee was a very willing model. Glee is always so good on a person.
This hat was super simple to make. I used worsted weight yarn and US 8 circular needles. I even found another gal who had made the very same hat (here) and had a great link to a site that reminds you how get your stripes to line up straight (here) while working in the round.

I know that it's starting to be Spring, I should be moving on the other, more seasonal subjects - but the fact is that last week at this time there was snow flurries in my town. Cars were still driving around with a rim of frost and more as hood ornaments. It is still cold and I am still knitting warm, winter hats. Today - that is my reality.
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  1. ooh ooh ooh.. circular needles.. and a mad hat. I need to work on them to get the feel. She looks delighted with her new look.


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