Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hmmm, this rain...

Pug Tug and D Dog didn't mind a little rain - good for the soul, cleansing for the spirit - that sort of stuff. But often, they found themselves alone where those type of sentiments were concerned. Days went by and the town was muffled and quiet beneath the rain cloud and eruptions of wind.
Daily meanderings were slightly minimized, but never put on hold. A intake of fresh, if slightly wet, air was like a small mediation of spirit. And the boys had plenty of spirit.
The horizon felt as if it was beginning to clear - the heralds of Spring trumpeting a tune just out of hearing range. Listen, listen, listen .... it required a degree of attention that needed to be relearned. Ahhhhhh....that may have been the opening note. So hard to tell what is being said between the raindrops these days.
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  1. One word, CUTE!

  2. ..or the cicadas..
    right now they have massed in the tree next door and are holding a most jarring note. Deafening, almost.


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