Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just a moment please

I slammed my index finger in the car door today. It's my photo taking finger, its my "push the stitches to the other needle" while knitting finger, it's the finger that seems to know where all of the letters on the keyboard are the best. The rest of my hand seems to just follow it's lead.

It throbs still, it has the beginnings of deep purply stuff under the nail. My Mom wonders if I will have a nail on that finger to get gussied up with nail polish when I dress to impress. (I cringe when she begins this line of pondering).

It's like I am hobbling around, but just the top portion of my body is afflicted.

I don't know why my hand was so slow leaving the car today. No morning caffeine yet? Not excited about garage sale game plan? Feeling disassociated from the other extremities?

We'll talk - when things cool down and I can hold a rational, non judgemental conversation. Right now - I just don't feel very understanding.
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  1. Oh sweetie, how very annoying. Sending healing thoughts...

  2. You sound like such a 'card'. In Aussieland that is an affectionate term meaning a fun character. Although it doesn't sound like you are having too much fun at the moment. Take Care.

  3. That sucks dude...I'm sorry :( Hope you're feeling tip-top soon.

  4. *Hugs* my sister slammed our bedroom door on my finger once when we were growing up. I definitely feel your pain!! I hope the pain goes away later!

  5. Ms Spoon - thanks for the healing thoughts - could I take that with a slice of sweet on the side?

    Ms Kitchen View- so lovely you stopped by - my Mom uses that very word,"card", to describe people with a real sense of zaniness - which I cultivate on quiet days when the moon is high

    Ms. Girlichef - I am on the mend! though still working with only 9 of the original set of 10

    Ms. Samantha - thanks for the hugs - just don't squeeze my finger, and we're fine over here!

  6. Lady P...I have fabulous news for you. Once upon a time, I slammed by thumb in a door and experienced exactly what you're feeling now (you have my's so uncomfortable). I couldn't write or use my thumb for about a week. But, in time the purple faded away, and normal nail growth resumed. Nail beds must be pretty resilient! :)

    Here's a wish for a speedy recovery!!

  7. First of all, YIKES! Hope you feel better soon.

    Second, thanks for signing up as one of my followers. Although I can't understand why someone as hip and funny as you would be interested in my blog.

  8. ouch ouch thinks just thinking about it, hope it's much better now!


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