Monday, August 3, 2009

when you need to be sweet on yourself

i am feeling a little down
a little frosting pick-me-up will do
let the frosting be blue and not you, i said
the dog ate the crumbs as if i never bothered to feed him at all
he is scandalous that way
so willful
until you mention sugary carbs
then you have a slobbering love slave - for a grand moment, anyways

where is that reward on best intentions
fine scheming
and many plates twirling in place?
i would honor a sound blessing today with open arms
and a full heart


Message for the Blogosphere:

Maybe recognition is just around the corner, the laurel wreath being prepared for your honest and hardworking brow even as we share this moment in time together. You are the holder of horizons seen best through furrowed face and diligent heart. Do not despair, do not give way. Today, you are seen and your honor redeemed. Fly free and know that you efforts will not go unnoticed. It has begun, it has begun...


  1. Hey Lady P - You pick ME up. Sorry you're feeling blue dear. I hope puppies and cupcakes and colour are the tonic you need. If not, know that you touch people, you cheer people, you make us see a wider horizon with your passionate, thoughtful, zest for life. Big love and lots of licked spoons, Dx

  2. So sorry to hear you are feeling blue today. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to feel better - a cupcake and puppy love - what can be better than that! Your posts touch me every time!! So glad we met!!! Hugs, Silke

  3. I love your message... I want to use it on a sticker... is it yours?

    Baxter is a cupcake 'ho as well..

  4. I actually think that I have blue days because I need them to appreciate the other (colored) days!!! Hope your frosting did the :D

  5. Oh, Im sorry you're feeling blue. I was feeling the same thing last week. I was trying to have the HTML for the widget to get to you. It's not working if I put it here on the comments either.

    I'll be saving it as a word document and will be sending it as an attachment.

  6. That was lovely, Lady P. I am sorry you're feeling down. A cupcake always takes care of that, doesn't it? Must be the sweet, creamy frosting.


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