Sunday, August 2, 2009

wonder and wander

my toes need contact with coolness sometime within each day
let's me ground and feel like i am one with the ripple and wave
relief in the most basic of ways

a tea kettle in every port - that would be me
i am waving hello to all of you
can you see?

i would invite you 'round
if you were anywhere close to town

cheapest little eatery with a view
on the lake near my dear home
is this not a great spot to loiter?

Message for the Blogosphere:

You are all in command of your own little ship, even if you feel lost at sea. Invest in yourself, it's a guaranteed return and for once, you will feel, like the worthiest of all your projects and endeavors - yourself.
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  1. Lovely as always, my darling!! I'd love to meet you in that little loitering spot...and I love the teapot picture :D

  2. tanned toes!

    as for the love-screaming... dont know if it would work. I truly dont believe the boy would know what it was. And we'd just sound like the foxes running around the gardens at the back (sounding susspiciously a lot like screamin meg ryans the lot of them.. only a little more high pitched and desperate.. )

    I was thinkin about going over to their door next weekend, around 8-9 am and gluing the doorbell so that the thing will blare out for a cuple of hours, but I'm not sure which bell is his either.. hmm.. will need to scout this out a bit.

    Revenge is best served cold.. and with a side dish of retribution.. *grins*

    Love your place of loitering by the way, it looks just right. and may your kettle (water boiler in english english.. nothing to do with cows or beef:D) always be shiney!

  3. Hello. I can send the html to your e-mail for the "Buy me a cup of Coffee" widget and you can just put your paypal e-mail where it belongs.Just drop by my blog and tell me your e-mail address *wink*
    Have a great day!

  4. What lovely tanned toes! Oh, I'd love to meet you for a glass of wine at that lovely eatery, but at the moment my little ship is lost in a sea of words, words, words and I'm trying to steer it safely ashore ...

  5. I also love the tea kettle picture. Dinner and a view, how very nice.

    Finished reading the Twilight series. Do you have any good looking older vampires roaming the forest?


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