Friday, July 31, 2009

everyday objects objectified

saturate me with color - anytime

this is NOT a color most commonly found in nature, but was found in my yard
go figure

visions of liquids dance in my head
heatwave induced desires
willful wooziness

my special set of friends on the opposing color spectrum
meet them and smile

it's still in the 90's and it feels like relief
it's all perspective
out of the basement "cave" this p.m.
my, haven't felt this perky in days

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  1. oooooh.. my eyes are watering.. its that good..

  2. I like the middle ones best... I love those bright artificial colors.

    It is funny how an object like a half used bottle of turtle wax would be gross to find as litter by the side of the road. Or it would pass under my eye unnoticed for a year as it sat under my kitchen sink. Or YOU zoom in on it with your lens and suddenly it becomes art... the type of thing I would hang on my very own wall and notice and appreciate everyday.

    I suppose appreciating the beauty in life is all about perspective.

  3. P.P (or Peppe... hmm.. new nick name ? :) as always puts what we all think into words that we just cant find.
    I second all that and bow to the master of wooord ;)

    And Lady P, my darling, you are so worth the wait. I'll keep busy and drop by to rubb up against the older posts while your taking your time.

    As for the Evian babies... *Shivers* I still havent decided if I like or fright..

    Will be waiting here, updating more frequently then you'll ever know and just wait for the next blast of colour ;)

  4. dearest lady P, queen of all colour, your wackiness is more then approved, its cherrished :)

    The family motto (my family, now Loves family too, but his is a bit more calm and collective) is "its ok to be weird, as long as your not boring".. that kind of thing puts a dent in funny places and it does help with appriciating the finer things in life, like the small things..
    and people that are different..
    and different view points and lens shots :)

    very happy to have found you too!


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